Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just tired!

These puppies are trying to kill me, slowly I swear.  Day 22 of hell.

A few puppies have gone home but one did get sick a few hours after going home so I am a bit stressed to see if the others are going to get sick.

We have a policy that if you take your dog to the vet within the first week of adoption and the vet finds something medically wrong with the dog we will take the dog back and give you back your adoption fee.  In the case of puppies within the first 7 days if the dog comes down with Parvo we will give you back your adoption fee but you can either keep the dog or return it.  you get your adoption fee back either way.  Anything else we will not give you back your adoption fee.  SO since some of the puppies are HOME I just have to hold my breath the next 7 days and hope I don't get any phone calls from adopters.  Not because I don't want to give an adoption fee back but b/c I don't want any of the puppies to get sick.

I need a break from rescue... I just can't do this any more.  The last 22 days have been really really bad.

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