Monday, May 11, 2009

40 days, 3 puppies, 1 mom dog, 1 JRT and counting

I had my wedding shower on Saturday. That was fun.. I received a phone call right in the middle of it about a dog that another rescued needed help getting out of the pound.. I wanted to help so bad but figured I would get is SO MUCH trouble.. LOL!! Might make the family a little upset if I took off during my own shower.. LOL!!

Well 40 days till the wedding.. HOLY CRAP. It is coming up fast. So, excited and worried about doggies all at the same time. Crash is still in foster care with Walter and he is totally fine there. Walter likes the little guy but really what isn't to like?

The 3 puppies Daisy, Jasper and Baby are getting spayed / neutered on May 20th and then going home the following week. They are due for 2nd round shots on the 27th so I figured I would just hang on to them until then so people don't have turn around and drive back out to my house for 2nd set of shots.

Then I have Molly, the mom of the puppies. No interest in her at all. :-( She is an awesome dog and is going to make someone an awesome pet. She LOVES little kids, is fine with other dogs and ok with in door cats.. outside that is an entirely different story.. LOL!!

Her foster home is going to have to give her back to me here really soon. I have no idea what I am going to do with her while I am getting married and going on my honey moon if I can't find her a forever home. She is really the only one I am worried about right now. Poor dog...

Other then that everything is going ok. My house it totally under construction as I am sure I mention before. I think they might be putting the windows and painting the master bedroom today. Oh I can't wait till I can move everything in there.. I am living like a gyps.. out of bags and boxes.. UGH!!

There are several JRT's and a few other dogs in need but I can't take them right now and it is breaking my heart.. ANYONE WANT TO FOSTER?????


Marie said...

i will foster molly if you need. Michael might not like it but that is ok.

GreenDogWine said...

Can you tell me a little more about Molly? How old is she? How big is she? Is she spayed?

We have a 1 year old Puggle who is high energy, and my husband and I are looking to get a 2nd dog, and we want to make sure 2 things - it's the right dog for our family (our house is small :(, 2 - it's a rescue!

Dog Rescuer said...

Molly is around 35 - 40#'s, is fine with other dogs.. I specialize in JRT's and she is great with them. She is between 4 - 6 years old.. She will be spayed next week, May 20th and then she is ready for a forever home. for more information :-)

Lorra said...

I've already emailed you about Molly. When will she be ready for a permanent home? When can I meet her? She does look like a little love.