Thursday, May 7, 2009

And then there were 5...

Today is a big day, very big day for me, Abbey (parvo puppy) and one lucky family! Abbey, Echo and Kacy were spayed Tuesday night... man was I a wreck over that.. just worry about these puppies too much I guess. Anyways, they were spayed Tuesday night and now get to go home!

Abbey is getting picked up tonight, Echo is getting picked up Friday night and Kacy leaves 10am Saturday morning. Awwww my babies... I am going to miss them but not going to miss them if that makes sense. I want to keep them forever but they won't be puppies forever and I know that the homes that I selected for them are the VERY BEST OF THE BEST homes and they are going to have amazing lives and I am so excited for them. It is going to very hard the first morning when I go to play with them and there is 1 missing and then another and then another... but I will have 3 of the puppies for at least 2 more weeks but by end of May they will all be home!

I feel like this has been one heck of an emotional roller coaster but it is nice to know the roller coaster ride is over and the puppies get awesome homes in the end.

On another note I have officially lost my mind.. LOL!! COMPLETELY gone, I should be hospitalized. LOL!!

I rescued a 6 week old puppy on Tuesday morning. Spent all night after work on Monday arranging the rescue and then left work picked the puppy up and YES brought to work with me for the day.

I can't have any dogs at my house until September that are 100% up to date on shots SOOOO the puppy is currently living at my sisters house. Ok, look at this face how could I not have rescued him???

Sally, the lady I work with who was supposed to adopt Riley who passed away it coming to look at him Friday night. I rescued him for her so I hope she wants him. He doesn't have a name yet.. I was waiting on Sally for that.

He is a really good puppy so far.. hates to potty in his cage. That is really good for a puppy that small to get that... most of the time they don't.

I told Sally that if she wanted to take home the puppy right away she could. I would just come to her house and give him his shots when he is 8 weeks, 12 weeks and then she would have to do the 3rd sent and I would get him fixed for her after my honey moon.

Hoping she does want him.. LOL!! Not sure where he will stay if she doesn't take him..LOL! Whatever I am sure someone will watch him for me. HE IS SO DARN CUTE!

Ok, so example #2 why I am crazy. I drove to Akron on Saturday and picked up a dog that was rescued from Holmes County. His name was Caleb. OMG what an nice dog. I picked him up Saturday gave him booster shots as he already had 1 set, took him to his foster home and that night received an application. Called the lady the next day and she came to meet him. I called the vet Monday afternoon and they had an opening for surgery on Tuesday. I left work Monday picked him up at his foster home and took him to the vet. Tuesday night... ok that was a long day but for purposes of Caleb he was picked up from the vet, the lady and her husband and two doggie kids came and met Caleb Tuesday night. They LOVED HIM... like who wouldn't he is a great dog. They came back Wednesday night and adopted him.

HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Now check out his face.. see why they adopted him

Such a good boy.

Well things are tough right now I will be honest.. I feel very helpless. There are so many dogs that need out of kill shelters NOW or dogs in abusive situations and I just can't help them.. makes me sick to my stomach.

Everyone keeps telling me that me taking a break right now is good because of everything I have going on. My wedding is 44 days away, my wedding shower is Saturday and my house is under total construction... like TOTAL construction.. LOL!! Leave it to me to do everything at once.

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Thoughts said...

Hang in there Amy. You are doing everything humanly possible and more - all at once! You are going to have excellent karma one day girl! Bless you for doing what you do.