Thursday, May 28, 2009

Operation Spay your female!!

There was a sign in a front yard that read:

Lab Mix Puppies

A few weeks later the sign read:

Lab Mix Puppies

A week later the sign read:

Lab Mix Puppies
Best Offer

UGH!! What the hell is wrong with people... selling puppies like some back yard breeder.

To make things worse I took the number and googled it. Up pops a Craigs' list ad. The ad said:

Lab Mix Puppies 6 weeks old. Mother and Father on site.

OMG! Seriously.

So, I called the number and left a message saying that my best offer was I would get the female fixed FREE OF CHARGE if she would give me the puppies so that I can get them fixed and find them homes.

I really didn't expect her to call me back but she did.

So, here is the back story.... wait for this.. you will die.

The women has 2 dogs male and female. Apparently mix breeds. NEITHER are fixed. This is her female 2 liter. This liter she had 6 puppies. 3 girls, 3 boys. All have been SOLD except one male.

She said she was THINKING (really what is there to think about here) of getting her female fixed. She said her Dad just doesn't understand why that is necessary. Your kidding me right?? Seriously there are people out there that still think NOT fixing your dog is ok. There are people out there that have one male and one female that are not fixed and they are SURPRISED when they have puppies. Really???

I explained to the women that dogs who are not fixed have higher rates of cancer and health issues, I explained to her that 7 million dogs die in the US every year in shelters, I told her that last year Lorain County (the county she lives in) destroyed 600 dogs. I explained to her that a male dog can smell a female in heat more then 50 miles away. The male dog will chase after that smell and get so far from home they can't find their way back. "Oh really" she said. Yes, that is why if you ever notice there are way more males in shelters then females.

So, she is suppose to email me pictures of the 1 puppy that is left, hopefully get in touch with the 3 people that have the females and let them know I can help them get their puppies fixed at a lower cost and ASAP and take her female to my vet for shots and then make an appointment to get her spayed. I will pay the spay bill.

I haven't received an email yet and I called her this morning but haven't heard back so I really really hope she takes me up on my offer.

*************OK, so for my idea***********************

I am going to need some help with this plan / idea. So let me explain and then if anyone wants to help me I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE THE HELP!

Check newspaper ads, craig's list, internet, etc. and if there are puppies looking for homes either free or even if they are for sale. Call the number and ask the people if they would like help getting their female fixed and finding the puppies we can help. The deal is they surrender the puppies to my rescue and in exchange I will spay their female. If they are close to me then at my vet, if they are not willing to drive to my vet it can be a vet of their choice BUT I need to speak with the vet to make sure the price isn't going to kill me. Some vets are just greedy and charge way too much for a spay.

That way all the puppies get fixed, find homes UNDER CONTRACT so you know they won't end up in a shelter and the mom dog gets fixed so NO MORE PUPPIES.

I want to start in Lorain County and get this idea / plan / program working and maybe expand out.

I was thinking that running news paper ads might help too. Not sure how to word them but maybe just maybe I could get some females fixed and have a few less dogs needing homes NEXT YEAR. Ya know?

So, what I am going to need are people to help keep a look out for "FREE TO GOOD HOME" puppy ads or even puppies for sale.. now you know if the dog is pure breed it is a back yard breeder and you will get no where with those a-holes but if it is a regular person who just wasn't educated enough to get their dog or dogs fixed then they will more then likely go along with it.

What do you think? Good idea? Or am I being a dreamer? Can anyone help? I mean even if you don't live in Lorain County, you can still help because I need someone to check craig's list and other websites.


peace1 said...

I think this is a great idea and would love to help.

Dog Rescuer said...

email me your contact information peace1. I need the help.

the lady with the lab mix puppy did contact me and I have a contract all set up and a foster home all set up and my vet is on boared with me!


Kate Hathway said...

Uhmm, I'm trying to e-mail you and can't find a way to do it (Outlook/Word won't open) and I'm just trying to find your e-mail...?

Dog Rescuer said...