Monday, June 1, 2009

Free to Good home

What does that really mean? Does it always mean a good home? The answer is sadly NO!

Check out these scary facts!

1) People value what they pay for. Pets obtained for free are are less likely to be spayed or neutered by their new owners (why bother with vet bills?), and more likely to be abused and/or discarded, because "there are plenty more where that came from!" A recent study at one animal shelter yielded the startling statistic that 51% of all owner-surrendered dogs had been purchased for less than $100; 41% of all owner-surrendered dogs had been obtained "Free to good home."

2) So-called "Bunchers" gather free pets until they have enough for a trip to a Class B Dealer who is licensed by the USDA to sell to sell animals from "random sources" for research. The Buncher may only get $25 a head for former pets, while a dealer can between $100 - $450 per pet. The Class B dealer probably already has a contract with certain facilities, and will transport them to other areas within a state, even out of state.

3) Free animals are taken to "blood" pit-bulls--to train fighting dogs how to kill, and to enjoy it. This can be dogs and cats, of any size--in fact, rescuers suspect that a recently rescued cat was used in this manner. Often, a larger dog's muzzle will be duct-taped shut so that he can't bite back, and the fighting dog will gain confidence in killing a dog larger than he is.

4) Small animals can be used as food for animals such as snakes. Kittens are most often the victims of such acts.

5) Unspayed or unneutered pure-bred dogs may end up as "breeding stock" in a puppy mill. And just because the dog doesn't have papers means nothing to the millers. Unscrupulous breeders, who use puppies as cash crops like other farmers raise cattle, pigs, or chickens, aren't above forging registration papers, or using those from deceased dogs.

6) So-called "collectors" watch the newspapers for Free to Good Home animals. These collectors truly believe they are "rescuing" the animals.

What can you do to help???

As crazy as this might sound, I contact people who have ads on craig's list and / or in news papers and warn them of these dangers. Some listen, some don't and some get angry with me but at least I did my part to help educate them.

The cycle of dog over population has got to stop and it isn't going to stop if we are silent about what REALLY goes on.

I pull dog after dog after dog from shelters and yes that is great but I need to do more educating and I need EVERY ONE'S help.

Please spread the word SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

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House of the Discarded said...

I always email people on Craigslist too. It's a small victory when someone listens and sounds appalled that their kitten could end up as snake food.

It was discouraging today when I interviewed a prospective adopter. She wanted a kitten that she could eventually breed. No matter what I said, she just didn't understand why this was so appalling to me. I even sent her some horrific links about shelters, euthanasia, etc.

*sigh* Stupid, stupid people