Monday, June 15, 2009

Stolen Dog...

Yesterday (Sunday) we were having a family cook out at my sisters house. Just a cook out to get together before my wedding and to give Dad his father's day cards since next weekend is a bit busy..LOL!!

I decided it would be fun to have Ice Cream Cake so I ran to Dairy Queen before heading to my sisters. There was a sing in Dairy Queen that read:

$250 Reward (that crossed out)
$500 Reward

Picture of a happy yellow lab

*Last seen Vermilion Quaker Steak Friday June 12, 2009
*No Questions asked please call ###-###-####

I don't know why I just felt I needed to call and see if I could maybe get an email for this guy so I can send out an email blast.

I spoke to him three times last night and did receive an email from him but for some reason couldn't open the attachment. I sent him back an email saying I couldn't open it and email me again.

Well I am sitting here at work and decided to give him a call to let him know the attachment didn't work.........

Let me tell the WHOLE story of this missing dog.

Butch, the owner of the yellow lab just came back from Iraq in November. This dog helped him adjust to life back here. He is married with kids but there is nothing like the therapy of a dog. Butch went fishing Friday and on his way home is wife and kids were at Quaker Steak getting something to eat. He stopped by Quaker Steak for 10 minutes just to say hi to his family. His trusted yellow lab who went fishing with him was in the bed of his truck tied up.

A few people stopped to pet the dog. One particular person being an off duty police officer and some of his off duty police officer friends and others. As they walked away a couple with a small child was petting the dog.

Butch came back out to his truck after saying hi to his family and the tail gate to his truck was down, the leash was un hooked from the dogs collar and the dog was GONE! GONE GONE GONE!

Can you only image the thoughts running through his head.. OMG!

As I told you I saw a flier on Sunday, well so did the off duty cop. The off duty cop called Butch and told him that when he left Quaker Steak that night he saw his dog and saw the couple with the child petting the dog. With a little investigation work he would be able to tell Butch who the women was and where she lived....

The cop called Butch back with information and Butch went to the people's house this morning. He told them that he was looking for his missing dog. The people said "Really, what kind of dog?" He told them that Quaker Steak had a security camera and they were the last people that were seen petting the dog. The people then said "Oh a yellow lab?" He said yea. They said the dog was in the parking lot without a collar on and they were drunk so they just took it home. Mind you they had a 5 year old with them!!!

They said "Oh yea, we have her. We just found her in the parking lot with no collar on." Butch told me he could hear them opening several doors and out comes his dog.

He said he just grabbed his dog and jumped in his truck before he did something stupid because his blood was boiling. I told him I don't blame him I would be the same way.

I asked him if he was going to press charges and said he really should! The cop that helped him find his dog said he really needs to.

I told him about my puppy smuggler incident back in March. I pressed charges. By the way they went to court last week for that..I have no idea what the outcome was...

Anyways, he said he really thinks he is going to because that is what the cop asked him to do.


GreenDogWine said...

That's terrible there is such awful people out there, but THANK GOD he was able to get his beloved pup back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the cop! It seems like you only hear about the bad things cops do these days, so this is nice to hear. I'm so glad this guy got his dog back!