Thursday, June 4, 2009

16 days until my wedding

Ever since the puppies left I have felt a bit lost and free all at the same time. I have a lot of time to get stuff done that needs done for example I am working on my indoor arena in my barn.. the sand tends to build up on the sides from the horses being worked.

I come home from work, hang out with my friend Marie who comes over to play with a horse named Scout, hang out in my barn, clean the house, do laundry, cook dinner, feed horses. I feel like I have all this time on my hands. I don't feel stressed out running from place to place getting this dog, taking that dog, going to the vet office EVERY DAY!

I am able to do things I normally wouldn't have time for like clean my house.. LOL!! I use to have a cleaning service but canceled it when the construction started. Yea, in case I didn't tell you I am completely remodeling my house before the wedding.. like taring the roof off type of remodeling.

Anyways, at night I lay down to go to sleep and feel very un accomplished. I miss my dogs.

I get all these emails and phone calls and kill alerts (kill alerts are emails of lists of dogs at pounds all across Ohio that if someone doesn't take them they will be killed. This is how I got my dog Petey. He was a kill list dog). There is nothing I can do, I can't have any dogs at my house because of the parvo. I mean I guess it is a good thing because I would probably be a total stress ball with the wedding only 16 days away but UGH! I want to save / help so many dogs and I can't.

Maybe I am just weird but I feel like God put me on this Earth for a purpose. I wanted to be a police officer and actually went to school for that but thanks to height weight requirements I couldn't. So, I guess doing the dog rescue thing is my way of having a purpose.

I do feel like I need to do more then what I am doing though. I mean I can pull dogs out of pounds all day long but is it really helping the overpopulation problem? I need to stop it where it starts...... I can't do anything about Puppy Mills. The government just doesn't care but I can at least educate the uneducated.. hence the reason I have started contacting people with litters of puppies they don't want and taking the puppies and spaying the females. At least that way the female can't have puppies and the puppies can't have puppies. Maybe it will help.. just maybe.

My next goal is to raise money so that I can put up billboards... if anyone has any information on how to get pricing information for billboards let me know!

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