Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Puppy pictures!

Here are some pictures of some of the dogs that I have adopted out ;-) Happy endings are are the best!!
Two out of three came from me. Maybe you remember Franny the dog that was SO SICK with skin allergy when I got her.... that is her on the far right. TOO CUTE!

The fuzzy one is one of my rescues and the most spoiled dog :-)

The JRT on the left is one of my rescues.. he is all grown up now.. just a puppy when we saved him.

Puppy party pictures! The tan fuzzy one and the JRT butt aren't my rescues but they are RESCUES :-)

The JRT Rodger on the left is one of my rescues... I really loved this dog. He had the best green eyes!

The JRT to the right isn't one of mine but the fuzzy one is. Oh what a tragic story with her. Perfect example of don't give your dogs away for free :-( She was used as a breeding dog for some stupid guy who got her FREE TO GOOD home and thought he could make money! UGH! I have one word for this guy and the last part ends in hole.

Who said Terriers and cats CAN NOT get a long.. yea OK!

See the heart on his head?

Jack in the background isn't one of my rescues but let me tell you this is the best home! Helen in the right of the pictures won the doggie lottery with this home! And she needed it.

2006 Texas puppy mill bust save!!

Only the JRT is my rescue.. but aren't the other two cute!!

Just one JRT to the right is one of my rescues...

Molly the mom of the parvo puppies with her two foster sisters. Molly went to her potential new home yesterday :-)

My sisters rescue from the APL, Roxy and my Pete!

awww my Pete in his new bed!!

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