Friday, June 12, 2009

1 week before the big day.

So, next week is going to be interesting! On Monday BEFORE work I am taking two dogs to the clinic to get fixed. Then after work I am going to pick up my wedding dress from the seamstress. Then Tuesday I have to drop my dresses off to be pressed. Yes, I said dresses.. I have two wedding dresses.. LOL!! One for the ceremony / pictures and one to part in..LOL!!

Anyways, then Wednesday after work I have to pick up Ridge and Tyson and drive them 1/2 way to Toledo. They are getting fixed on Thursday.

Then Thursday after work I have to pick up the other two dogs at the clinic and give them to their new owners.

Then Friday my niece has to meet my rescue partner 1/2 way to Toledo to pick up Tyson and Ridge and then take them to their foster homes.

At 10am I am getting my nails done, sometime picking up my dresses, 3pm decorating hall, 5:30 is rehearsal and7:30 is rehearsal dinner.

Then Saturday I am getting married.

Monday after work I am finalizing Tyson's adoption, Wednesday I am finalizing Ridge's adoption and then Saturday I leave for my honey moon.

LOL!!! So, really it is the next two weeks that are going to be CRAZY!!!!!

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