Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Ready

This Sunday is the 5th Annual Puppy Party. OMG 5 years, I have been doing this event for 5 years. HOLY COW! I can still remember the first one, it rained. LOL

This year I am so excited, we have so many wonderful volunteers and foster homes. We have AMAZING adopters some of which have turned into foster homes or adopters. I feel blessed to have so many amazing people surrounding me. This year has definetly been 2011 suck fest, personally and for the rescue but as I have always been told when you are going through hell run as fast as you can b/c at the end of it good things to come.

I might be jinxing my self but I feel good things to come.

Hoping that soon the "stolen" dog issue will be taken care of... I haven't really thought about it much since I found out about all the lies that were being circulated... why lie? It gets you know where but in lots of trouble and when you get older (meaning not in school) you can end up with heavy lawyer fees, jail time, losing your job, ya know really bad things that can really hurt you. Mr. Crazy is still crazy as ever but the funny thing is everyone he complains to knows he is crazy. LOL!

Things are going good on the personal front too. Things are changing and that is a good thing... will explain more as time goes on.

I am really looking forward to the rest of this week and for the Puppy Party to come. It is going to be great!

We found Bea last Friday, the dog that had been missing since Aug 16th. And honestly that was like the turning point for me. Friday I mean.. good things.

I had someone say something to me that really meant a lot to me on Thursday night. She said "You are always doing nice things for everyone, you deserves someone doing something nice for you." That just made me feel good, I do nice things for people b/c it is the right thing to do. Someone had posted on Facebook today that "helping people or animals makes her feel like she has a purpose in this world. It is hard enough getting through life, we can't do it alone"

DEAD ON! That is what I always say "I feel like I need to have a purpose, that everyone was put on this world to have a purpose." Regardless of what that purpose is I truly believe it, you just have to find yours and run with it.


English Rider said...

Of course you deserve nice things and happy times. Will there be photos of Pupapalooza Party?

Jay, Jaimison, Jaim, Jaimers, Jay-Cat, Sunshine said...


Im re-running the story I wrote about you when I was at AG.

Its appearing on HOME PAGE NEXT WEEK!! Major PR for you! I need you to check your email to answer one question so I can update a statistic in the story though.


Jaime Smith