Sunday, September 25, 2011

New arrivals

We have had 6 new arrivals plus Minnie... 2 pictures are missing... this week.

So excited to have them in the rescue and know they are safe.

Oh and I ordered 50 microchips NO dog will leave the rescue without a chip. Realizing that even though Minnie's chip would have taken her back to the women that adopted her from me, at least she wouldn't have stayed very long at the pound. Poor baby was there a WEEK!!


English Rider said...

You are making a difference to so many lives.

royalcoonhounds said...

You might be able to leave the rescue info on the chip.

Daisy has an AVID chip-her rescue doesn't allow the new owners to put their info on it at all. So, I have to keep my info current with them.

AVID also allows the rescue to be primary and the new owners to be secondary/ or vice versa. This way, the rescue info is always there-just in case.

Anonymous said...

They all look so special! You can see their individual faces in the photos. Good job on their rescue!

Animal Rescue said...

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