Friday, February 22, 2008

Got in some new JRT's

Well the last few days have been crazy. Good news is one of my JRT's got adopted on Wednesday night but then I got 3 more in. Dillon a cutie who is about 1.5 years old and 2 of the saddest looking JRT's I have ever seen.

At first I thought that maybe someone beat them but after my vet visit last night it is more likely they were attacked by bigger dogs. The females face is all messed up with scars and scratches and the male has two teeth marks on his chest. Neither of them have much left in the way of teeth. The little boy, Fred doesn't have any teeth on this right side :-( It is horrible. When I got them in on Wed. night I just sat in the barn for about 1/2 hour and held them.

Believe it or not I took them to the vet last night and had blood work done on them just to make sure everything was ok and it is. they are actually healthy dogs. They look horrible but they are healthy. They are both really happy dogs too. The little girl, Ethel, likes to play with tennis balls.

I know I am going to have them for a long time. Who is going to want 2 senior JRT's that look like they have been through hell and back? Oh, well. I will search till I can find a home for them that will give them the life they deserve... a life with love and not abuse or neglect.

I just don't understand how people can do what they do to animals.

Wed and yesterday were just totally crazy days b/c of all the dogs. I didn't even eat on Wed. I just got too busy. Yesterday I did manage to eat lunch and grab something to eat for dinner at like 9.

Today should be a little better but tomorrow morning with be hectic. I have an adoption (fingers crossed) at 10:30am and then I am moving another sick dog, Daisy out of isolation and putting her in the barn with everyone else and moving the two senior dogs to isolation. I am just worried they are going to be too cold in my barn. I mean my barn is warm but they are so fragile right now.

Well I guess next week will tell all when they have to have surgery. It is always more difficult for a senior dog to be put under for surgery.

Well wish me luck this weekend. I really hope Bonnie gets this home they seem like such nice people and their application was great and Bonnie is so darn cute!

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