Monday, February 25, 2008

Poor Ethel :-(

Well poor Ethel. I took her to the vet on Friday. At least someone finally did something out of love for her. Fred is totally ok with her gone. He is very very shy however and whenever I reach for him he hits the ground like I am going to hit him. Poor thing.

Bonnie was adopted by a great family on Saturday and I have someone interested in Daisy, Dillon and Maxie. Hopefully when they meet everything goes well. All three of the families who are interested in them seem really great.... well one of the families already has one of my dogs so I know they are great ;-)

Today is going to be crazy. I have to leave work and rush home to get my parents and go to the lawyer... working on their will. Not fun. Then I am rushing home and loading the car full of crates. I have to drive to Sandusky to meet Gloria to pick up 6 dogs, then make sure I am home so that this guy can drop off 4 more dogs to me. Then Teresa is coming over and picking up 5 of the dogs from me to take into her rescue. I then have to take care of the dogs I already have at home and get the new ones settled in for the night. And not to mention I need to run to my boyfriends house to get his mail, do some laundry and take care of the rest of my animals at home. UGH! It is going to be a long afternoon / night.

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