Friday, February 29, 2008



OMG what a crazy week. I had appointments scheduled for 7 dogs at the clinic. When I have appointments schedule I 100% can't cancel them... It takes forever to get new appointments. Well anyways, I had to drive to Toledo on Monday to pick up dogs that my rescue partner Gloria had for surgery (getting spayed / neutered) and she also pulled a very cute Aussie mix from a pound for me that was going to be EU'd (killed). I already had a few dogs at my house so when I got home and got everyone settled it I had 12 foster dogs living in my horse barn. UGH! That is a lot of dogs. Granted I was only going to have them for one night b/c 7 were going to the clinic for surgery and 2 were going to get there shots (the pounds sometimes spay and neuter) but still that is a lot of personalities to make sure get a long. Once I got them all settled and took care of everything else I have to take care of I didn't get to bed till midnight.

So, Tuesday Valerie one of my volunteers was supposed to go to my house after work pick up the 9 dogs and take them to the clinic. But the weather was not helping things. It was a snowy mess and her car couldn't handle the snow. So, I left work early went home (1/2 hour drive), loaded up all the dogs (1/2 hour) and drove to the clinic (1/2 hour drive), got to the clinic and checked everyone in (1/2 hour) and then drove home (45 minute drive...the roads were bad). Then I went home to take care of my remaining 2 foster dogs, my cats, horses, goats and don't forget the 5 I have living in my house (my 3, my boyfriends dog and a dog I am baby sitting). Tuesday was another LONG night.

Wednesday was pretty low key. Thank goodness.

Thursday was back to craziness. I had to meet someone at the clinic to foster to adopt Dillon, then had to run to Pet Smart for someone to adopt Daisy AND I was meeting Valerie so she could take dogs back to Gloria in Toledo because I don't have enough room for everyone. Then when I got to the clinic one of the dogs that was going back to Gloria decided to eat paper so she didn't get spayed and wasn't going to be ready to go home until Friday.. AAAAHHHH I had transport all worked out but this totally messed up everything. Luckily, Valerie is able to transport to Toledo tonight so it ended up working out but HOLY COW, I was so stressed out for a minute there.

Oh and I didn't mention that I received 4 dogs from a hoarder on Monday night that were supposed to be Pug/Terrier mixes. So, I thought OK Jack Russell size... OMG! Not. They are about 20 - 25# My friend Teresa was going to take all 4 until she saw how big they were. She only had room for the 3 young ones and now I have the mom. Which again turned out to be ok b/c she is a really nice dog but UGH! This is rescue for you... nothing ever goes as planned and it is always a HURRY THINK ON YOUR FEET decision... I hate that!

Well so today is Friday and should be a calm day... I hope!

On a brighter note 2 dogs got forever homes and I have a lot of application lately from some real good people. The dogs I have at my house right now are Ricky, Frankie, Fred, Skipper, Checkers and Coco. And then of course I have a ton in foster homes.

I am having an adoption event on March 8th at Pet Smart so hopefully some will get a home on that day too. Fingers crossed no more crazy adventures for this week... well what is left of it.

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Jaime said...

You truly have an amazing heart and endless energy to do all of this all the time. It is evident that being a dog rescuer is a huge committment and becomes your lifestyle. I hope you dont get too discouraged! We need more people like you out there!