Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Got Sick

It has been a long weekend and week so far. Friday night my boyfriend came home from being out of town for 2 weeks at work. I spent the evening with him and then Saturday I played with my foster dogs and cleaned my barn. Sunday this family that already has one of my dogs came over and adopted Frankie my Aussie Mix and Fred this old JRT that was abused. I talked to Jay (the father) and he said they are doing really well and are total keepers :-)

I was a little worried b/c I never let two dogs go at the same time b/c it never works out. You should always get one dog and then when that one is trained then you get a 2nd dog. The family that adopted the two is a big family... mom dad and 5 kids and Fred is pretty laid back. So, anyways looks like it is working out :-) I am so happy because the family is a great family and I know those dogs are going to be sooooo loved!!

Let's see this week has been crazy too. The weather last night and today is HORRIBLE and it totally messing up the transport of dogs for surgery it is just a mess.

Monday night I didn't do much dog releated things b/c I got engaged :-) Now, on top of crazy weather and everythign else going on I am sick as a dog (LOL). I am at work just long enough to get some stuff done and then I am going home.

This weekend I better not be sick b/c I have a lot going on. Friday night I want to go out for a little bit with friends and Saturday I have an adoption event. UGH! I am tried just thinking about it.. LOL!!

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