Thursday, March 6, 2008

Feeling down

Do you know what one of the things I hate most about dog rescue? I mean really hate, like makes you want to quit hate? No, it isn't the way people treat dogs or how sick they get sometimes... I mean that is HARD! don't get me wrong but when you take a dog from a bad situation or you help a dog that is sick get better it makes it so worth it when you see the end result. That end result of being happy and healthy and in a loving home. That makes it worth it but the one thing I don't think people get is when I want to take a vacation, or I get sick or I work late or it is snowing like it does here in Cleveland Ohio... I still have to take care of the dogs. I don't get a vacation day, a sick day or a snow day from the dogs. They are always there needing me the only person that can take care of them.

I can't simply say to my fiancé "Hey this weekend lets go to....." I have to plan WEEKS in advance. I have to pay someone to take care of the farm and I have to either board my foster dogs or double up my foster homes or just not take in as many for a good MONTH prior to go on vacation... even if it is just a weekend.

It sounds horrible but when I am sick like I am now... I have been sick all week but the last two days it has totally been kicking my butt I just think to myself how easy it would be if I didn't have any dogs. I wouldn't have to worry about taking care of them... I mean I can barely take care of myself but outside I go to feed, play with (HAHAH yea right more like stand there while they run circles around me) and clean up after them twice a day.

It is just hard and I don't mean to sound like I don't love my dogs but some times I need a vacation from the dogs. It is so much work and it isn't easy and it isn't cheap and it is so much time involved.

UGH! I am not going to quit but I just don't think people get it and it is frustrating!

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