Sunday, March 9, 2008

Crazy emails and update

Ok, so I just read my post from Feb 29th. Well needless to say my adoption event was supposed to be yesterday but between the storm and the fact I am so sick that I can't leave my bed it didn't happen :-( I do have a ton of applications but I am so sick that I haven't called anyone which really sucks b/c hopefully they aren't on to another dog. That is one thing about rescue, when people complete an application you need to call them ASAP. It is the American way to want something you go and get it NOW hence the reason that Pet Land is so successful in selling puppies for $800 a piece that are in breed, sick and usually selling to someone who knows NOTHING about the breed except "It is so cute." So, hopefully when I talk to the 4 or 5 applications that I have waiting for me to approve they are still interested.

Anyways, it has been a crazy two weeks. I have gotten some really strange emails. I had on lady tell me I should go BUY a dog from Pet Land to save it. HUH? Buy a dog? NEGATIVE! Why in the world would I put money in the hands of those idiots. Now, if they would GIVE me the dog, no charge then I would take it but I don't buy dogs. Sorry.

I have said it before and I will say it again... I DO NOT BELIEVE IN BUYING DOGS TO SAVE THEM! I know that sounds horrible but a few have to suffer to save the rest. If I go to the Amish or the Pet Store or the backyard breeder and buy their dogs to "save" them what do you think they are going to do with that money? Seriously, what do you think? They are going to go buy MORE DOGS to produce more puppies. So, what have I done by buying that one or two dogs. Yes, I saved them from a life of hell but then I turned around and put two more (mom and dad) and their litters of puppies in danger. Not to mention the puppies that mom and dad have would have NEVER been created if it wasn't for me buying the dogs in the first place. Because seriously why would you produce more of something if you can't get rid / sell what you already have?

Think about how hard it is to find a record player. Pretty hard b/c no one buys them any more b/c everyone had CD players. Same idea. If no one buys them then they will not produce them in the mass production they do now. If all the puppy mills stopped producing puppies and all dogs were spayed and neutered did you know that it would take at the least 5 years of the dog population to correct it's shelf. Said isn't it.

Oh and then I get an email from a person who already has 2 dogs and her relative needs to get rid of his dog. She can't possibly take it b/c she works full time and has 2 dogs. REALLY? OMG! I have 3 dogs, baby sitting one, have how many foster dogs... 6 - 12 depending on the day live on a working horse farm with 9 horses, 2 goats, 5 cats and chickens. I work full time 1/2 hour away from my home and have two elderly parents who I take care of and oh yea just got engaged and trying real hard not to make him feel like #2 in my life after the dogs. Does she really think that I am going to run and get her relatives dog b/c how can she possibly manage. And where am I supposed to put the dog? In my pocket?

I also got an email from another rescue who said they need help with a JRT. Ok, great I have no problem helping. It just upset me that in her email she said "We are a small not for profit rescue and we only have a few foster homes." Ok? So? What do you think I am a HUGE corporation that makes millions of dollars on rescue dogs? Uh NO! My rescue is ME and Gloria and about 6 foster homes when they are all able to take a dog.

Sorry to seem bitter the last few days. I am just frustrated. I am so sick and people just really upset me. They think that b/c they have 2 dogs they can't possibly help or the call me names b/c I won't run out and buy a dog from Pet Land or they tell me what a small rescue they are and how few foster homes they have... I just wonder if people stop to think before they send me an email like that.

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Jaime said...

You just keep on doing what you're doing. You do so much for the poor and helpless animals that are homeless and unloved. They are lucky to go to a place like yours.