Sunday, March 9, 2008

Still Really Sick

I am still really sick. :-( This totally stinks! Oh and on top of everything we are having... well I guess it is mostly over now... a winter storm and I mean everything shut down yesterday kind of storm. To me this isn't a bad thing, I LOVE STORMS but I can't enjoy it b/c I am so sick. UGH!

Well I slept all day Thursday, didn't go to work or anything. Wed I was only at work for a few hours and Friday I tried to go to work... not good. Let me tell you about my Friday. I seriously just wanted to drive off a bridge.

I got up at 6:30am. Went outside and feed my horses, took care of my dogs, feed my goats, took care of my cats and then got ready for work. I took Coco and put her in the car b/c my friend Teresa was going to meet me at work and take her to get groomed... She needed it. Coco and her 3 babies (who Teresa has) I took from this lady who is a hoarder. She means well by picking up stray dogs on the side of the road but instead of taking them to the pound or finding them a home she just keeps them b/c she doesn't want anything bad to happen to them. Which is great but she just can't afford to get them fixed. This is why Coco had babies :-(

Anyways, so I load Coco into the car. I drive to work and I feel horrible. I get to work and Teresa is there waiting for me. I give her Coco and go into work. I tried like hell to get as much done as I possible could and to stay at least till 2:30 ish. Yea, well I didn't make it that long. By 12 I wanted to crawl under my desk and just go to sleep. I called Teresa and asked her to bring Coco back to me so I could go home.

Teresa met me in the parking lot at 12:45ish and then I had to go to the clinic and pick up 5 more dogs that had surgery the day before. Oh yea, on Thursday even though I didn't go to work I had to drag my butt out of bed and take the dogs to the clinic. I 100% had no voice so I had everything written down on all 5 dogs... name, shots needed, spay or neuter, teeth cleaned, etc. I just handed them the paper and the dogs and left. It was bad.

So, back to Friday. I got Coco and off to the clinic. I picked up all 5 dogs and then I had to drive to Sandusky to drop them off to Gloria my rescue partner in Toledo. They were her dogs and I didn't want to take care of them being as sick as I am and 3 were 11 week old puppies. NO THANKS! Too much work for me at that exact moment. Oh and I forgot to mention the storm hit about 11am so the roads sucked. After I left the clinic and got on the turnpike towards Sandusky I was doing about 45 miles an hour... in 4 wheel drive!!

I got to Sandusky about 2pm and Gloria got there about 2:30pm. She had to go pick up 2 ten month old JRT's that were going to be put to sleep. UGH! So, I gave her the 5 in my car and she gave me 3 JRT's. I am so sick that I seriously cried at the thought of taking home 3 more dogs that I now have to introduce and worm and set up with beds. Not to mention I have Coco my terrier mix, Skipper my cattle dog, Ricky a beagle mix and 2 more JRT's at my house already.

That is it I couldn't take it any more. I called my vet office and said "Can I please board 5 JRT's until I feel better?" My vet said yes. THANK YOU JESUS!! I left Sandusky and went straight to my vet office. I handed over the 3 JRT's in my car. What are their names I was asked.. I have no idea, you name them. The two in the crate together need to go into isolation b/c they don't have any shots. The other one has his shots. I told them that there were 2 more JRT's at my house and that I would have someone bring them later. I was too sick to go home and get them. My fiance (that is so weird to say.. LOL. I did tell you I got engaged on Monday night right? So, being sick this week sucks even more, UGH!)

I went home after the vets office and just went to bed. By this time is was like 3:30pm. See if I didn't have dogs I would have just left work at 12 and come home and gone to bed. This is why I want to quit some days. Life would just be less complicated. Not to mention all the crazy emails I have gotten this week. OMG! I will start a new post about the crazy emails.....

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