Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend update

Well the adoption event went better then I thought it would. I did get one JRT named Oreo a home. YAY!!! The people that adopted Oreo were really nice too. It was a family with two sons. You can tell a lot by the way the children act and these two boys were very nice. Oreo just loved them too. I believe they renamed him Petie :-)

Jay's family came and picked up their 3 dogs I was babysitting on Sunday. Those 3 dogs crack me up. They got all 3 from me.... Stanley a JRT almost 2 years ago now and Sam an older JRT and Scout an Aussie Mix (he is on the small side maybe 30 #'s). Sam and Scout were adopted not too long ago so they felt right at home. Stanley was like "You are leaving me here why?" for the first day or two and then after that you would think he lived in my barn his entire life. He ran and ran and ran and played with the other dogs and was really good about going to bed. Needless to say he was the most excited to see his family.

Well I guess in the grand scheme things I only have 8 dogs for adoption at my house and a foster home is going to take one. So, not too bad. I have about 10 more in foster homes so I do have a lot of dogs up for adoption just not living with me at the moment.

I am babysitting my friend's dog for her. I don't remember for how long though.. LOL!! It is a Great Dane. This should be fun.

I am also supposed to be babysitting my girls Mindy May and Ruby Sue soon too. I love those two dogs. Granted I spent over $2K and 3 months to save them from parvo. Ruby is a spit fire and doing great but unfortunately Mindy's time is limited. The parvo damaged her insides something terrible and she can not walk or stand at all. She must roll to get everywhere :-( She is in a lot of pain if she tries to move too much and eventually the pain will be too much to live with and she will have to be put to sleep.

Well I better get back to work. Hopefully I get some applications, GOOD applications real soon.

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