Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy Week

Agh!!!!!!!! Craziness craziness craziness.... Ok, last week was somewhat melo b/c well I was sick and didn't do much. Friday night was crazy b/c I was getting ready for an adoption event on Saturday. I had 7 dogs that I was personally taking to the event. And I still had one left at home that wasn't neutered yet so he couldn't go.

Saturday I got up around 8:00am. I took a shower, checked email and went out side to feed the animals. I got all the animals fed and then loaded up 7 dogs into my car. Off to the adoption event I went. The event didn't start until 11am but I got there about 10:15am. I am learning to get there WAY early b/c if I show up at 10:45 I am rushed by people wanting to see the dogs NOW! Give me a chance to breath people, I am only one person.

My rescue partners Teresa and Gloria came too with there dogs. I think between the 3 of us we had like 20 dogs there. Teresa got two of hers adopted, Gloria got 3 or 4 of hers adopted and I had 1 from my house adopted. UGH, just one...

Gloria brought Dexter (one of mine) from a foster home in Toledo b/c he was supposed to be adopted. The girl that was to adopt him had to work so she sent her mom up to pick him up. The mom came, spent about 10 minutes with the dog and said I don't feel a click. HUH? You are in the middle of a Pet Store and just met the dog. I even told the girl that she could have a week trial. Nope mom wasn't interested. So, poor Dexter was sent back to his foster home.

He is such a great dog, I don't get it. He is 100% housebroken, loves other dogs, good with cats and children.

Also, on Saturday poor Pickles was returned b/c the son of the people that adopter her was not being nice to Pickles. Poor Pickles she is probably wondering why she never stays in one place for every long :-(

I needed to take 2 of Gloria's dogs to the vet near me today so I took 2 of her dogs home from the adoption event and gave her 1 of mine to foster. Well I went to Pet Smart with 7 dogs and came home with 8... figure that one out?

Then I had a dog get adopted yesterday. This poor little Toy Fox Terrier that I rescued before Thanksgiving. She was in such bad shape when I got her that I had her hospitalized for a week. The dog was all bones. She is lucky to be a live and healthy. Anyways, so a lady adopted her yesterday and after 4 hours needed to bring her back b/c her 8 year old son wouldn't stop screaming at the sight of the dog. He was afraid of the dog. It is a 10 # dog that sleeps all day.... The foster home said the lady was crying horrible over having to bring the dog back. The foster home thinks the husband wasn't on board with the dog. How frustrating. That poor dog needs a home.

Also, yesterday I went to the dog hoarder lady's house and picked up 2 more dogs from her. 1 - male she wants back and 1 - female she said I can keep. GREAT another dog.. haha I have no idea where I am going to put another dog. I have about 15 in rescue right now... just my responsibility. I don't even know how many are living at my house.. I keep loosing count. Not to mention I am baby sitting my friend Rachel's dogs for her Wed night - Tuesday night and I am watching 3 of my old dogs that I placed in a home (Stanley - formally Rascal, Sam - formerly Fred and Scout - formerly Frankie) from Friday night to the following Sunday night... LOL!! So that is 5 dogs extra for a week at my house...

Anyone got a gun, just shoot me know.. LOL

So, today I got up this morning and got ready for work and went into the barn to take care of animals. I took care of everyone pretty quickly and I just needed to load 4 dogs in my car to take to the clinic. Long story short the dog that the hoarder lady wants back ran out of the barn. It was cold and raining outside... not that full blown rain but that misty lite rain. I chased that dog for 1/2hour. I seriously wouldn't have cared if the dog ran off if it was mine. They always come back and I have collars with my tags on all the dog but this wasn't my dog and I need to return it to the lady so she trusts me. I am trying to get the 5 other dogs and 2 babies that are still at her house fixed and all taken care of too.

The life of rescue... hahaha how confusing.

Oh and I got emails about 2 JRT's and 2 JRT's beagle mix dogs. The beagle/JRT mix dogs I just can't make room for plus I just don't think I could deal with a beagle right now but I am getting the other 2 JRT's. Probably getting them this week. they are really cute but man oh man where am I going to put them.... there are just too many and just not enough space for me to keep them and adoptions are SLOW.

Ok, off to save the world one dog at a time...LOL

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