Thursday, March 20, 2008

Too many dogs

emails from people wanting to give up their dog: 6

emails from people telling me about a dog in a kill shelter: 10

emails from people wanting to adopt: 0

Does that seem right to you?

I currently have Ricky (beagle/toy fox terrier mix), Pickles (JRT), Zack (JRT), Mitten (Havanese), Coco (medium terrier mix), Skipper (Australian Cattle Dog), Oreo (JRT), Rusty (JRT), Tasha (Havanese), 1-medium Mutt and I am getting 1 - 3 JRT's today off of a transport.

PLUS I am baby sitting Mick for another week (his dad is in Japan), I am baby sitting my friend Rachel's 2 dogs (LARGE she got from me) and tomorrow I get 3 more dogs to baby sit (all 3 from the same family and they were all adopted from me). I am going to have a house full... LOL!!

Hopefully the family that wanted Tasha will come get her tomorrow. They put a deposit on her and said they would call but I haven't heard anything. Tasha is so freaking cute, I just love that little dog. She is probably going to come live in the house with me until her family comes for her.

Well I have a lot of running around to do to day. I am supposed to get out of work at 3pm today but I have to meet someone to pick up the two dogs off transport at 5 or 5:30, I am supposed to go to the clinic and pick up the 4 dogs I have there and then take the one dog back to the dog hoarder lady b/c she wants to keep that one. Hey at least it is neutered.

I really hope some of these dogs find homes soon. Poor Skipper I have had her a long time and little Pickles has been in rescue since Nov. 2007 :-(

And foster homes I could sure use foster homes.

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