Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dumped my dog on the side of the road???

So today I get this email:

"I am looking for my lost JRT Casey.My ex husband whom I divorced this past Friday took my JRT and just dropped her off out in the middle of nowhere and drove away. I live in Baingrisge,Ohio. I was planning to pick up my dog this week and he knew that. I just wanted to get my stuff into my apartment before bringing my dog. She was a rescue JRT that I adopted.She has been spayed and was last seen wearing a red harness unless he took it off of her before dumping her.I am heartbroken and am actively looking for her.I have attached a photo of her just in case someone should find her and she winds up with you.If you should get her please contact me. Thank you. Joy. "

I was shocked to see this email and look at the picture because Joy adopted Casey from ME!

Casey was rescued from a puppy mill with two other dogs. One was horribly aggressive and un trustworthy so we had to put him to sleep and the other female was so horribly abused that she was afraid of everything. We did find her a home but she will never be anything like a dog... she acts more like a cat. Runs and hides from new people and does things are her terms.

Anyways, I immediately called Joy and asked her for all of her ex husbands contact information. She gave me the name of where he worked and I looked it up on the Internet to get the phone number and address. She also gave me his home address.

I called him at work as soon as I hung up the phone with her. I told him who I was and explained to him that the contract that was signed states the dog either lives with Joy or the dog is to be returned to me. I told him that he has 24 hours to return the dog to Joy or I would be contacting a lawyer and I would take him to court. This was at 9:15am this morning.

At 11:30am he called to let me know the dog had been returned to Joy :-)

He told her he dumped the dog but he told me he gave her to a farmer. I believe he is telling me the truth and lying to her just to be mean.

There is still a beagle missing and I don't really have any right to step in on that but I did call him back and tell him "I called the police and dog warden and let them know the JRT was returned but the beagle was still missing. I told Joy that she should press charges of theft if the beagle is not returned and the dog warden would be following up on the missing beagle."

Maybe he will think twice before doing something this stupid again. I also told him I would call every few weeks to check up in Casey to make sure she was OK.

What an idiot!

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