Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today is Thursday??

I am sick again. UGH! I left work early on Tuesday b/c I wasn't feeling well and ended up not going to work Wed or today. Seriously, I have been sick for a month. I feel horrible not because I am sick but b/c I can't get anything done. I haven't been to work for a full week this month.

Well Margaret one of our foster homes came and picked up Pickles last night. So, that is good. Rachel came and picked up her two big dogs I was babysitting yesterday morning so that is good too. I some how today have to find the energy to go the clinic and pick up 8 dogs. Granted only 4 are coming back here and 1 I am baby sitting so he should be going home soon and the other gets adopted tomorrow. YAY!!

Things still aren't picking up on the adoption front. I don't understand, I don't ever remember it being this slow.

I do have an adoption event on Saturday with my friend Teresa on the East side of Cleveland. I am not going to take the normal million dogs I usually take but I am going to take the dogs I have had the longest. Hopefully at least someone finds a home.

Gloria picked up another JRT the other day. WOW!! I just don't know where we are going to put all these dogs. I really hope the weather continues to warm up so I can start using my outside kennels.

Well let's hope adoptions pick up soon.


Jaime said...

Do you name all the dogs that you get or do they come with names?

Dog Rescue said...

I name all the dogs I get. I have a list of all my dogs and I try really hard to not re use names... LOL!! Sometimes the pounds name them but a lot of times they just come with cage #'s :-(