Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well let me give you some back history. In 2003, 1 year after I graduate from college I made a HUGE mistake. I moved to NJ from Ohio... don't ask why. Needless to say I am back in Ohio. Well I grew up on a farm and was now living in an 800 square foot condo with NO animals. I hated NJ and missed home terribly. So, one day I was at the mall with my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) and his mom. We walked out of Sears and there it was A PUPPY STORY!!! YAY!!!! I love puppies, oh how I love puppies. Oh and look a Jack Russell Terrier sound a sleep in her food bowl butt in the air so all you see is her little tail... OMG I want to hold her. That was it $800 charge on my credit card that already had too much on it as it was... remember I just graduate from college I didn't have any money. No, questions asked by the clerks... Do you understand about JRT's? Their energy level? Do you have other pets? (side note, Female JRT's don't get along well with other females. Oh and JRT's are known cat killers). Off I went with a female Jack Russell Terrier.

Granted I am an animal person so it wasn't hard to handle a JRT but my poor boyfriend wanted to pull his hair out. JRT"s are difficult dogs and he had never owned a dog before. Could you imagine if I hadn't?

Well after a few months of having her I researched her "breeding" to my dismay I soon discovered she was a product of a puppy mill. http://stoppuppymills.org/

What have I done? OMG! I supported this? Where are her parents now? Dead? Alive? Suffering? Who knows and honestly who cared? ME! I did! I can't believe I put money in the hands of those people!

That was it, I had to help stop puppy mills, stop the abuse, educate people.

Here I am 5 years later almost to the day... My JRT was born on Feb 15, 2003 and I got her in May 2003 at 12 weeks old. 

I am writing this blog so that people can understand exactly what it is like to be in dog rescue. It isn't easy and most of time it isn't fun. The suffering, the stupid people, the abused dogs... most days you want to go home and cry. Why when you are doing such a good thing? #1 watching puppies / dog die in your arms from neglect or abuse #2 knowing that so many people don't care or appreciate what you are doing.

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