Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things are slow with adoptions

So, my day today was pretty low key. Not too many emails from people asking me to take their dogs. I usually get at least 1 - 6 a day. Today, nothing. I didn't get any applications on the 14 dogs I currently have in rescue :-( Things have been slow on the adoption front which is hard b/c with the number of foreclosure there are a lot more dogs in need.

I am currently at work...shhhh don't tell. No, just kidding it is the end of the day and I got all my work done so I am good. I have been here since 8:30am and it is 5pm now so really I am getting out early. I have been putting in some pretty long days. uhg!

I will be driving the 1/2 hour commute home and then taking care of my 6 foster dogs. Way less dogs then last week... I did have 11 foster dogs. Thank goodness for volunteers who help me by fostering one or two at a time. I also have my 3 dogs... 3 year old male JRT, 5 year old female JRT and a 3 year old female mutt. I also have my boyfriend's 11 year old 70# black lab for the next 2 weeks while he is out of town for work and I am babysitting one of my old foster dogs for 2 months while his owner is in Japan. Not to mention I have 9 horses, 2 goats and 5 cats :-) Granted I have barn help with the horses and none of the horse belong to me (People pay me to keep there horse at my house). I do have a few people who aren't able to come out to see their horses very often so I do make sure the horses get out and attention.

Anyways, today should be an easy night. I do have one foster home coming to get cute little Zack one of my current foster dogs. So that is pretty exciting. My current foster dogs don't live in my house... OMG could you imagine that many dogs living in my house? Yikes! So, my foster dogs live in the extra horse stall. I feel bad that they are in there but they have food, water, toys, blankets, pillows and each other... it is way better then being dead. Plus every morning and every evening I play with them for an hour or more.

So, needless to say when I can send one to a foster home where they get to live in a house and be a member of a family it makes me feel so much better. Granted they get plenty of attention from me, I would just rather they sleep on a couch then a pillow with a blanket in my barn.

Tomorrow should be a little more crazy. I am supposed to be getting 2 ten year old JRT's... one male, one female left outside the pound in a box a few nights ago. The pound wants to kill them b/c they are old and said if I don't take them they will gas them.... I am also getting another little male JRT who is at pound that is full of dogs and just needs the space. So, again his options are me or dead.

Hopefully, I won't be getting any more in... the winter is so hard b/c of the weather. I run out of places to put them pretty quickly.

Well I am off to start my commute. HopefullyI will find time to write tomorrow and let you know how the new dogs are....

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