Monday, November 29, 2010

Holidays are here and the animals are the forgotten ones

It is cold outside yet dogs are still chained to dog houses. There to brave the elements. Everytime I go outside that is what I think of... the poor dog that has nothing but a plastic dog house for warmth. Really plastic? You think that keeps the dog warm? I guess it is better then nothing but so makes me want to go in the middle of the night and set them free. I wish I wasn't so afraid of "getting in trouble" LOL! Then I really would do that... Hell even if I had the guts to do something like that as soon as someone knocked on my door and said "Did you XXXXX?" I would break down and admit to it. HAHAHA I would be the worse criminal ever.

There is an Amish Puppy Mill on a major state route near my house. I want to go there so bad and see the "puppies" but I know that I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut. Darn me!

So I guess we have to do what we can for those we can and a great place to start is NOW! It is cold outside and there are dogs in shelter laying on concrete floors. There are rescue organizations that are desperate for foster homes. Even if you only foster one dog one time over the winter you have save TWO DOGS! The one you are fostering and the one that didn't have to die in the shelter because you made room!!

Dog rescue is a balancing act and foster homes are needed desperately ALL THE TIME!

Ok, can't foster then collect toys, collars, leashes, beds, blanket, towels, food, treats, cages and donate to a local shelter or rescue.



Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Thank you! I so need a foster home but no one will step up OR I am not asking in the right way or the right places.

OliviagraceBoutique said...

I found your blogspot while reading The Morning Journal..GOOD FOR YOU and what you do..thats wonderful..WE are so for rescuing/fostering..I just recently rescued 3 tiny kittens and fostered them for a while until my daughters asthma got out of control (she is allergic) I took them to the Cleveland APL..which is the NICEST, cleanest(probably cleaner than most peoples they just got fixed and will hopefully be adopted...One animal per cage there, very clean and they all have their own soft beds/blankies..and its decorated so cute...Keep doing what you are..Its wonderful...

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