Sunday, November 28, 2010

I frustrate myself....

Ok, so this past few months has been pretty cool. I won an award at work and I had to get up in front of my entire company, 1,000 plus were probably in attendance and say a thank you. All I could think about after my lame thank you for the award was did I educate people? I should have said this or that.

Then one of my awesome adopters nominated me (well really the dogs) for a segment on a local news station called "Pay It Forward" They come to your house and surprise you with $400. The money came at a great time because Woodstock had just had his eye removal surgery and that was nearly $500 surgery. I had a 2 minute clip on the news that ran a few times. All I could think about was did I educate people? I should have said this or that.

Then today I found out that I am in the news paper... I mean I knew they were doing a small article on me but didn't know when it was going to run. The article is on line and in the paper.. a whole page actually. All I keep thinking is did I educate people? I should have said this or that.

I feel like with all three things I totally blew it. I should have mentioned

* 4 million dogs die in shelters simply because there are not enough home.

* People think there is something wrong with dogs in shelters but that is NOT true. Sometimes people loose their home, loose their job, their dog runs away and they can't find him/her. Sometimes dogs are stolen and end up in a shelter.. .you just never know how a dog got in the shelter.

* People think the dogs in shelters are never pure breed, that is simply NOT true. Heck I specialize in pure breed JRT's and have PLENTY of them right now looking for homes.

* If people would spay/neuter their pets less would end up in shelters and their pets would be so much healthier. There would be less 'unwanted' puppies

* Puppy Mills are what supply the puppies at Pet Stores. Don't buy from Pet Stores that sell puppies and eventually the cruelty of Puppy Mills and the abuse would come to an end.

* Amish are the number 1 offenders of Puppy Mills.

* For every dog and cat to have a home in the US every person in the US would need to own 7 cats and/or dogs.

* Neutering your dog is in NO WAY taking away his man hood. It is animal it has no idea what neuter means nor does he care. Actually your pet will live a happier, safer and healthier life.

* It is a myth, urban legend, old school way of thinking to say "your female dog needs one heat cycle before spaying her or needs to have one litter before spaying her."

* Dogs spayed /neutered at a young age feel less discomfort from surgery and recover MUCH quicker. The older the dog the hard surgery is on them. Waiting is doing nothing more then guaranteeing your dog will suffer.

* Foster homes are the back bone of any rescue. Foster homes are always needed for any breed. Google your favorite breed and find a rescue you can help support. Can't foster.. that is ok. Volunteer your time or donate!

I know writing it all on this blog I am only preaching to the choir... so that just frustrates me more because I feel like I totally lost the opportunity to educate people who maybe I wouldn't have come in contact with or wouldn't have even given it a second thought about buying a dog from a pet store.



Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Give me permission and I would LOVE to put this entry in my online newspaper blog in Cape Girardeu, MO. You do good! I can take in no more dogs for a long time, which frustrates me to no end as I keep getting the calls and emails about Beagles and Coonhounds needing rescue. I share your frustration. Congratulations on the awards!

T-Dub said...

Hi Amy. I came across your site from article on Morning Journal.

My name is TaeWoo. I am and, both of which are internet businesses around pets.

Ever since I started this business, I came across lots of issues around animal (which I pointed out in my Pawshpal blog) and to be honest, I thought pet world was just full of rosy tales and glamour.

I am not sure to what extent your life is involved in helping these animals, but i would like to help/collaborate actively.

If you'd like to reach out to me, please feel free to contact me. If you cannot see the email address from this form submission, the contact form is on (bottom of the page).

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy--would you be able to put the links for the article and "Pay It Forward" segment on TV on your blog? Would love to see it and share! Thanks