Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I often wonder do people realize how much work goes into saving just one precious dog? I have a routine that I go through EVERY MORNING! I open my email, go into the folder called "Dogs In Need" That is where I keep all the emails I get from volunteers/people/pounds asking me to save a JRT or JRT mix in the shelter.
**side note** I realize that I haven't taken in many "mix breed" dogs that aren't some type of JRT mix and haven't taken in a lot of "other" breeds of dogs this year but there seems to be an overwhelming number of JRT's and well I feel obligated to take them. I do run the only Ohio JRT rescue.
I click on the link to the Petfinder site to see if the dogs was adopted or killed the day before. Usually on Sunday nights I go through Petfinder to make sure I know what JRT's are out there to make sure one doesn't get killed just because I didn't stay on top of things.

Monday and Tuesday are usually the days I have to determine who I am going to take and who may die. THIS PART SUCKS! I don't want anyone to die but I am only one person with the best darn volunteers and foster homes EVER and we can only do so much.

I make lists, lists of who I have up for adoption, lists of who I think will be adopted soon (someone is interested in them), lists of who needs out of the shelters before it is too late... in order of urgency, lists of who fits in what kennel stall.. lists lists lists trying to figure out just how many can I save?

I send out emails and Facebook posts begging for foster homes. Hey the more foster homes I have the more we can save!

Then once I determine who is going to be saved I have to figure out how the heck to get them to me. I do work a full time job so it isn't like I can just hop in the car and drive 4 hours to places like Scioto, Pike, Ross, Highland, Darke, Guernsey and pick up a dog or two. I have to rely on awesome people, volunteers and rescues to help get the dog from the shelter and find a ride to me or at least close to me so I can pick him/her up after work.

The hardest part is when things change at the last minute.... this dog got adopted, that dog another rescue wants, this dog just came in as an owner surrender but dog warden is putting him down ASAP because they don't have room, this dog missed transport, the transport volunteer never showed to pick up the dogs, the transporters vehicle broken down.... the list goes on.

The other hard part are the split second decisions that need to be made. Ring Ring goes my cell phone. "Hello" I answer. "Amy this is XXXX from XXXX Rescue / County Shelter. This dog is schedule to die tomorrow we need a commitment that you can take him/her or he/she is going to be killed tomorrow."

That probably happens 1 to 3 times a week. Last week it happened 5 times!!!

Some days I feel like I need a secretary or better yet a magic crystal ball that reads the future!

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