Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paws Crossed

I am really hoping that all the applications I have turn into adoptions and that the dogs that are supposed to get adopted really do. If all goes well I should have Owen, Romeo, Ken and Halle (Georgia) adopted this week.

However, I have a million (at least it feels that way) coming in... now I have to get them spayed/neutered and moved to foster homes so I can take more!

SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY that is all I worry about getting them to safety.

There was this nice lady that sent in an application for Zelda. I really liked her application but she had to get a few things squared away with her current dog before I could approve her application. By the time she has everything done it was a few days before the adoption event and Zelda went to the event and got adopted. I sent her the link to this beautiful female JRT in a kill shelter who I didn't have room for but I really didn't want her to die. She drove to the shelter today and adopted her. WIN WIN for everyone! Her dog has everything he needs, the sweet female went straight from the pound to a home. AND everyone is happy.


Well let's hope that Sunday goes good and some more cuties find homes. I would love to be able to save some more JRT"s and JRT mixes. No one else is going to!

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