Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rescue or not a rescue??

It is sad that no matter what you are doing there are scammers. Hurricane Katrina there were people collecting money who weren't really giving it to the aid in New Orleans. Even in dog rescue, there are people praying on the good hearted people who want to "adopt" a dog and not buy a dog supporting the puppy mill industry. YET because they get scammed they DO end up supporting the industry...

My friend today sent me a link to a cute Chihuahua puppy. Here is how the ad read:

This is Callie and she is just a pup. She is a Pure Bred Chihuahua that is a little pistol. She was not abused, but a little neglected. She is a little thin, but eating well now. She is current not her shots, wormed and ready for a great home. She is Pee-pad trained also. She is at a home right now. Her adoption fee is $225 to a great home. Please do not email, call ONLY at: 440-752-XXXX

Funny thing is it is listed under the name of a store not far from me that does dog grooming, sells dog stuff and SELLS PUPPIES! The sign in front of there store from time to time does say "PUPPIES" on it.

So, I called and played stupid. I asked about the puppy, how they got the puppy, asked how I would go about seeing the puppy, what did I have to do to "adopt" it... application?

I was told that the puppy was given to them because the person that had it feel ill and couldn't care of it any more. The puppy is up to date on shots and wormed.

I asked if the dog was fixed. The person said NO. I said do you get it fixed or do I. And the person said it was totally up to me if I wanted to get the puppy fixed or not. I asked if I had to sign an agreement, the person said NO.

The person told me that they accept cash only because they aren't a business or anything??? HUH? I said I had to talk to my husband and I would call back. The person said that I could leave a message and whenever we could meet up, I could have the puppy. They did have someone else who wanted the puppy on Friday evening but if I got there first I could have the puppy.

WOW! You don't care if I have other dogs, a fence, owned a dog before? WOW! SCAM screamed out to me.... but how many other people have BOUGHT a puppy from this place thinking they were doing a good thing??

And what is sick I know 5 other "rescues" who do the same thing......


Allison at Novice Life said...

Through the horse rescue, I took a lot of slack fielding all the adoption calls from people who believed are adoption process was ridiculous. To that, I always said, we do this for the horse. We have the horses best interest in mind. If you cannot see that and feel the same way, then unfortunately, there are millions of other horses out there needing a home where you can pick them up sight unseen. *sigh*

Dog Rescuer said...

yea, I have gotten that before too.

I always explain the way I look at if you aren't willing to fill out an adoption application and you aren't willing to sign a contract then are you really willing to take care of a dog properly??

Richard said...


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