Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 day adoption event!

This weekend was a pretty good weekend. It is the first time I have done a 3 day adoption weekend. Probably won't do that again but it was worth a try.

Friday night Betsy got adopted by a really nice family. They actually came to meet stone but Betsy put on her charm and won over the husband. I think she already has him wrapped around her little paw. LOL! Her new name is Izzy.

Met this super nice family on Friday night who came back and adopted Stone on Saturday. I was really excited. Rufus and Magic found really great homes too.

Today Sage found a home with a family who came up all 3 days to check out the dogs and on Saturday fell in love with Sage. I was so happy when I saw them walk back in today :-)

For the most part people were pretty nice and things went well.

There was one family that really upset a lot of the volunteers. They had 4 dogs and were saying how they wanted to get rid of the one dog b/c she was too hyper and they hater her. Long story short, they were threatening to "kick her out" and one of the volunteers ended up getting the dog from the people (I didn't know until after the fact). The women wouldn't give the volunteer her name, vet records for the dog or tell what rescue she got the dog from. All I know is it was a rescue in Toledo.

The mom of the family said they hadn't had any of their animals to the vet in over 4 years. Who the hell approved them to adopt a 3 year old Boarder Collie? The people were idiots and I guess i know have a Boarder Collie to adopt out.

What is funny about this story.. not funny haha but funny strange. I have people tell me that if they adopt a dog they don't want anyone "looking over their shoulder" and checking on the dog.


Just amazes me people adopt a dog and then treat it like crap. Every legitimate rescue has in their contract that they will take a dog back. Why don't people just call up the rescue and have them take it back. No instead they act like A-holes. I am going to try to figure out who they got the dog from and try to find their full contact information so I can DNA (do not adopt to) them. Idiots.

The volunteer that took the dog, says it is a nice dog. Housebroken, good in the crate and loves to play with other dogs. Well at least this time the poor dogs won't be failed. AND I PROMISE HER THAT!

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Allison at Novice Life said...

Ugh, aren't people idiots! I would think people who are choosing to adopt would take comfort in knowing if something happened and they could no longer keep the pet, then it had a safe place [the rescue] to return to where they know it would be cared for until it was found a good home once again.

Same thing blows my mind about why people get a dog if they are just going to chain it to a house outside for it's life - why get it in the first place? AGH!