Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rescues good and bad

I wonder if the "bad" rescues were always bad or if they just got burned out from being beat up by the general public or if it is greed?

Personally, I work really hard to follow up with everyone who emails me, I try really hard to make sure that all my adopters know if they need anything I will do my best to help them and I think personally think that the number one way to be successful in rescue is to have good customer service for lack of a better word.

I want people to have a good experience when adopting so that they will hopefully adopt again when the time comes.

I want to help the dogs that need help, the dogs that are in shelters that don't have much chance of getting out.

I don't want to buy dogs from Auctions or millers or take only the "highly" adoptable dogs from the shelters.

Yet there are rescues who do all of those things. They have high adoption fees, don't seem to care about the dogs well being, they scream at their adopters when they call for help, they don't care once the dog leaves their care, heck there are a few rescues out there that don't even spay and neuter. WHAT???!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

So, basically you are a pet store selling dogs. Only difference is you PRETEND TO CARE!

I absolutely hate the fact I have to tell people go to PetFinder, go to Adopt A Pet but if you are interested in a dog let me know the rescue and I can make sure they aren't scammers.

UGH! That is horrible.

My one friend doesn't have a 501 registration but runs like a one. She gets upset because other rescue people make a huge big deal if you are a 501 or not. And I see her point.. WHO CARES. Even the ones with 501 don't run legitimately. Doesn't really mean anything if they don't care about the dogs. The only thing is a person can write them a donation and take it off their taxes. that is all that means.

UGH! I am so done with mean people.

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