Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes, I am crazy :-)

Life has seemed to have gotten away from me. I am so overwhelmed at work, just seems like there is a lot of stuff going on. That combined with me worrying about one of my dogs. I am not sure if she is alive or dead.. still working on figuring that out. THEN I have Mr. Crazy but hopefully with security cameras I will be able to STOP him from harassing me. Oh and I had a friend get upset with me over a mistake.. needless to say we aren't friends any longer. Then I have the normal million emails of owner surrender dogs and the million emails about dogs in need. Honestly you can only take so many emails from people wanting to dump their dogs, emails about abuse cases, emails about dogs in shelters who are schedule to die before you just need to step back for a minute.

That is where I am right now I just need a minute or really just a few weeks. I want to focus on all the dogs I have in rescue right now. I have a lot of dogs who need some special care.. poor Simon and his abscessed anal gland, Bogart and his back, now Frosty, we have Jean and Graham who are older but AMAZING little dogs, Poor Daisy who is very much over weight and Reese who is just getting over his battle with heartworm and cancer.

AND NOW because I am crazy.. .LOL I have a female lab mix who is pregnant. Not sure when she will give birth within the week I am guessing.

I know I said I need a break but believe it or not me taking in the mom is a good thing. Puppies are a lot of work but will make me happy and I need something happy to focus on right now.

I will still take in a few dogs here and there but only as foster homes open up. I just really can't have a bunch of rescue dogs here, can't handle the stress of that right now.

Hoping that things start to work themselves out and I can feel a little more in control. Just so overwhelmed.

Oh and Frosty will be ok. He just needs to loose 10 pounds...

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Dogman2 said...

No your not crazy, just a bit over whelmed. Now take a moment and walk up to each animal you have there and give each one a kiss. Remember why you started to do this in the first place.... It was the Love... Hope you feel better...