Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adoption Applications

You might think it is easy to adopt out a dog.... I mean you just have to find a person that wants the dog, right?! WRONG! You have to have #1. someone who wants the dog #2. will complete the application #3. will pay the adoption #4. be a good pet owner #5. is a good match for the dog #6. have good references and have good history with dogs/animals... because you know the best way to determine if a person is going to be a good pet owner is to look at their past behavior with their other animals.

THE HARDEST part about the application process is when you have to tell someone NO. I just had this happen recently. The women had so so references but the husband, YIKES! Not a snow balls chance in hell would I allow him to pet one of my dogs... ugh! Not good.

I don't want to be one of those rescues that just NEVER responds and I don't want to be one of those rescues that lies and I don't want to just say no. I think as a rescue part of our "job" is to educate. So, I had to email the person... I didn't say your husband is a slim ball but I did point out the importance of spay/neuter, the importance of vaccinations every year, the importance of heartworm test and prevention and the fact that 6 million dogs are KILLED every year because of pet over population and breeding IS NOT A MONEY MAKER!

I was really expecting a NASTY note back but I actually haven't gotten one yet. I am surprised... lol usually I get nasty messages back.. like the crazy lady who breed her English Bull dog b/c the money really helped them while her husband was laid off. UGH!!

Adoptions are WAY down and the last few applications I have had are kind of well... they weren't approved to adopt. I am pretty forgiving to people and I don't paint everyone with the same brush like some rescues... can't tell you how many people have adopted from me b/c other rescues deny them b/c their last dog was hit by a car.... Oh come on there isn't a person out there that hasn't had a dog or cat hit by a car or knows someone that is a great pet owner that has had a dog or cat hit by a car. Sometimes it happens. I am not going to be that judgmental... but these last few applications that have been denied.... my goodness I would be setting my dogs up for a miserable life and I just can't do that.

I REALLY hate denying people... I don't want to upset anyone but sometimes there is nothing I can do. AND IT SUCKS!


English Rider said...

I denied someone today and she wasn't thrilled. I'm sure people think they're doing the dogs a favor (which they often are) but it has to be a match. I can't give a dog with some behavioral issues in need of work to a person who is inexperienced and who will be moving out of State in a few months. I liked her and hated to disappoint her, but the dog's welfare trumps everything else.

chemchic said...

I got rejected by a "rescuer" because she thought my email was "snippy"... I only said I had not heard from her (phone or email) and that I will look to other adoption agencies if this adoption is not a go. I had already met the dog, met her foster mom, put a deposit down and now the poor dog will not get adopted because she thought I was "snippy" too bad didnt' read the email

Dog Rescuer said...

Chemchic - that is ridiculous but a good example why I have people fill out applications before meeting a dog... oh my gosh I would feel so bad if I had to deny someone for a legitimate reason unlike the snippy reason and they had already meet and fallen in love with the dog.

If I denied everyone who was snippy with me I would not adopt out as many dogs. LOL!

Aubrey said...

Im 12 and am thinking about having a dog rescue when Im older. I really love dogs (esp pit bulls) and I feel like as a child how no one excepts me or lets me volunteer, that Im not doing enough. Now I want to show the world that if I set my mind to it, I am NOT going to give up! Thanks for posting this. Its really helped me.

Dog Rescuer said...

Aubrey - Don't let anyone tell you can't do something! Just keep asking and just keep trying to help. If a rescue or shelter won't let you volunteer with the dogs you can still dog things like raise money or collect donations for the shelters / rescues in your area.

Also, dog rescue is a hobby not a job so make sure you go to college, get a good job that will help support your hobby. It took me until I was 28 years old to have a dog rescue... I first went to college worked my butt off and started developing my career. Once that was off the ground and I was making enough money I started my own dog rescue. Best decision I ever made.

good luck to you!

Winterdog said...

I'm really glad you're one of the ones that actually responds when it's a no. If a rescue doesn't want me to adopt the dog that's fine, but please tell me so I can move on. Waiting to see if you're the right one is almost like waiting for a baby!