Friday, August 26, 2011

Guilty people get so angry

In the last few days I have encountered some pretty interesting situations with people. For example my rescue friend received an application and something just didn't sit right with her. She forwarded it to me and said "what do you think about this" I read over the application and you could almost tell the person was trying to "hide" something. She talked about having a kennel run, a dog house with a tie out but said "it is only used for potty breaks" Hmmm why do you need a dog house for potty breaks? The thing is about applications sometimes you have to read between the lines. There were a few other things on the application as well that just smelled fishy but I won't bore you with those details.

Anyway, I told her that I thought the application read like people who have been turned down before and that she should call them and see what they say. Ask them questions like "why do you have a dog house?" and see if they will give you a neighbor as a reference. That way you can ask the neighbor "was their last dog tied up outside a lot?"

So my rescue friend called them and just talked to them about the daily routine and what activities they planned with the dog, etc. The people live on farm so lots to do for a dog. She then asked the applicant, what is the dog house used for? The women WENT OFF she got a huge attitude and starting saying how they take excellent care of their animals and blah blah blah. Never really stating what the dog house was for just IMMEDIATELY getting mad when asked the question.

WOW GUILTY MUCH? So, clearly you tie dogs up outside unattended. Ok, so that is a NO on being approved.

Come on people, really? You really think that a legitimate rescue is going to think it is ok to take a dog and tie it up on a chain outside and never talk to it again. If you want something that is more self sufficient and doesn't need as much attention GET A CAT!

WHY WHY WHY do people think it is ok to tie a dog to a dog house? WHY? I don't understand the purpose of having a dog if you just tie it up and walk away.



It makes me crazy. I honestly would rather see a dog dumped on the side of the road to run free to taken to a local kill shelter then put on the end of a chain and left there.

I would rather humanely euthanize a dog then see it suffer on a chain. I think there is nothing more cruel then putting a dog on a chain. The dog suffers every day for its ENTIRE life. That is horrible.

Sorry soap box I will get off of it now.

I had two more people get all nasty with me when one I called them out on needing to take responsibility for their actions and another person for asking them "are you sure that is what happened" The person screamed at me ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR?!! I said No, I am just making sure you told me everything, wow!

Why get angry if you didn't do anything wrong? Act shocked it is less obvious don't just start yelling at me about how it isn't your fault or that you are telling the truth. In both cases not angry, not mad just asking a question or telling the person something so they understand the results of their actions... calm down guilty conscience.

Just amazes me that people can't own up to their mistakes. We all make them and you are never going to grow as a person if you don't learn from them. If you are consistently blaming other people for the outcomes for your ACTIONS or jumping up and down saying it isn't your fault then NO ONE wins and everyone looses. Now that is just stupid.

I am not saying I am perfect, I have done many stupid things in my day and I think about them a lot. If I would have not stayed at work last year but gone to the vet and stayed with my dog would he be dead right now? If I would have realized that my Aussie didn't have kennel cough but something worse and I wasn't busy at work would he be dead right now? If I would have not adopted the dog to those people who I had a funny feeling about and then returned him would he be in a loving home right now? Should I have gone with my gut?

I mean you can go on and on.... What you need to do is learn from your mistakes and NOT make the same mistake next time.


Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Seriously, just as there are people who have no right having and raising children, there are people who have no right having a pet.

People like this piss me off to the max.

Anonymous said...

many Cats need just as much as attention as dogs.

Susan Blatz said...

Thank God for bad liars

xfileluv said...

I think that people such as this shouldn't be getting ANY animals. Cats can be just as easily subjected to the stupidity of humans as dogs....and unfortunately, there are far too many stupid humans out there. Why these people would want a dog to begin with is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is quite bright and honest, but your cat comment was way out to lunch. Ask a few cat rescuers how many cats get dumped or abandoned because of owner indifference or neglect, or the "new baby" "allergic fiancee" "new apartment rules""cat hating roommate" or "busy new job". A cat that has lived with people is as dependent as a dog, and just as emotional and intelligent.It's not fair or responsible to them either to just put them outside in all weather and rationalize that they can take of themselves. If people want something cute or amusing then they should buy a doll or figurine that they can forget to dust.

Dog Rescuer said...

OK, calm down people. The cat comment was b/c cats are a little more independent then a dog, they can't be chained up and honestly it is much easier to take care of a cat then a dog.. you don't have to walk them, you don't have to pick up their poop outside, you don't have to take them to a boarding kennel (most of the time). Chill out, I rescue cats too... I have 8 of my own rescue cats and 1 baby kitten that was found on the side of the road. Much much much easier to take care of then a dog. That was my point.

And to those who can't handle a cat. GET A FISH!