Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hit or Miss

Adoptions are all over the place this year. I have had ZERO adoptions in weeks and then all of a sudden BOOM Ditto, Arthur, Etta, and hopefully this weekend Maverick and May will all go home.

It is so strange how that works out.

I am really really hoping to get some of the long timers moved into forever homes soon. Great dogs, just not sure why they aren't getting any hits. I am on a mission to get them adopted! I am cross posting them like crazy, putting them on line every place I can find and praying that they find a home soon.

I am getting in 4 new kids this Friday from Scioto County Dog pound. They were all scheduled to die today at 10:30 a.m.

No worries they have all been transferred to the local vet office where I authorized everything to be done on them... spay/neuter, shots, rabies, heartworm test, fecal, worming THE WORKS! I am getting them on Friday and it will be nice to have fully vetted dogs to come into the rescue so I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off arranging everything. I am hoping the bill isn't too outrageous... I would ideally like the vet bills to be under $200 for each dog so I am not loosing too much money.

Oh that reminds me I need to call them and tell them to put frontline on everyone! Once less thing I will have to do.. hahahaha

Well Mr. Crazy is still crazy. I was being watched ALL day yesterday. Well all day meaning from the time I got home and put the dogs outside. He just sat there and watched the dogs and then me play ball with them. As soon as I put them away he went into his house. Wondering if he will do that again today. I seriously wish he would just leave me the hell alone. The guy is shooting himself in his own foot. I mean seriously if you weren't such a jerk my husband and I could help you with stuff, ass. Whatever!

Photo album lady I believe is finally out of my life forever. Her appeal didn't go anywhere. I keep thinking if I run across the book, should I give it back? With the way she acted I think NO WAY but if I run across we will see what I actually do.

Oh and let's see.. found out some REALLY interesting information about about the people who stole my dog. Oh man do I feel sorry for the poor family now... she has been so lied to and drug through the mud. Poor lady. Her and I would have been fine if the liar wouldn't have gotten involved. It is amazing you think you know people and SLAP right across the face you really didn't know them at all and then you start to think back on everything "was that a lie?" "what about that?" "did she steal too?" ugh! Horrible to think those things about someone you called a friend and trusted :-(

Well I have made a pledge to myself to #1. Not be a door mate, #2. Learn to say no and #3. do things for myself.

I don't want to sound selfish but it seems like I give too much and then get burned in the end. Case in point people that stole the dog... anyways, let's see if I can hold to my new rules. LOL!

It isn't going to do anyone any good if I get too stressed out and can't help dogs.

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Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Congratulations on the adoptions! It happens that way here, too. A couple weeks ago, four went home; two to one home because the woman came to adopt another dog, then saw my tiny Beagle girl and could not put her down :).
You are filming Mr. Crazy, right?
A take on Suze Orman: dogs and people first (especially your adopters), money second and things third. Adapt is as you would :). Have a great week.