Tuesday, August 23, 2011

must re home immediately

My rescue friend received this email today)

I am writing to you to request your assistance in finding new homes for our two JRTs, ideally separate homes where they will be the only dogs in the family - one male (5 yrs broken coat & outgoing) & one female (7yrs smooth coat & reserved cuddler). Both are fixed and current on all shots. On their own, they are playful, lovable, wonderful dogs. They've had a good life & enjoy the finer points of dog suburbia: sleeping indoors, catching & killing squirrels/chipmunks, digging for moles, pulling down ivy to get at birds, etc. Unfortunately, as a pair they have terrorized our entire neighborhood and have become a liability for the family. To be clear, they have bitten a number of kids, dogs, and a coyote that wandered or ran across our property (approx. 1 acre with invisible fence). The final straw came yesterday as they attacked and wounded a neighbor's dog as the neighbor was taking a shortcut through our yard on a dog walk. Territorial behavior + pack mentality = a liability we can not manage.

Our decision has been made. The dogs need new & separate homes or farms, preferably with retired couples, where they can be the center of attention. We love our dogs, we're just not disciplined enough to give them the environment they need.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, recommendations, & support. I look forward to your response.


Can I just say OMG! Why is it that people think a farm is the place for every bad or unwanted animal? Do they think that a farm is a magical place where everyone gets along and there are never any issues and there is an endless amount of money??? Do you have any idea how much it costs to feed all the animals people leave on my farm?? I mean seriously?? Do they?

News flash people most farms... true farmer shoot or drawn unwanted animals. That is the old school method that still happens today so please don't "leave" your dog or cat or chicken (yes that happened to me) because an old school farmer is going to probably KILL THEM!

Sorry, I am tried an grouchy today but it is the truth.

Well the purpose of me sharing the email was not to rant about farms it was to another example of how people let their dogs be asshole dogs and then who suffers THE DOG! Seriously to me sounds like the dogs need training and the people need a CAT and shouldn't be allowed to have a dog.

These are the people that make JRT"s have a bad name. These are the people that treat their dogs like a child and NEVER discipline them and then wonder why they take over. Jack Russell need a strong pack leader and if you aren't one, don't own one because they will turn into HORRIBLE monsters.

UGH! I need a nap!


English Rider said...

Oh Boy!

selkie said...

really?? enjoy "catching and killing squirrels" "pulling down ivy to get at birds, etc"- lost me right there. And they want to put them on a farm? I guess they figure they can expand their repertoire and catch and kill chickens, worry sheep and cattle.. you know, fun things that dogs like to do. These people are unbelievable - I would almost think this was a crank letter but I think it is serious.

Trouble said...

Attack a coyote? Wow that takes guts. I wouldn't suggest a vat either I am currently trying to help a cat that's been failed by it's owner. It towels and runs away in fear and they just laugh. Somethings wrong I have never seen a cat so frustrated and upset. My room mates sister has five kids, two (was three) cats and 3!!!!! dogs all acquired in the last year or so. A rescued/found JRT, a cocker spaniel from a pet store, and a purchased from a breeder Huskey. None are trained at all and they run the house. The JRT will jump out the second story window to run down the street. To top it off itkilled on of their cats. They ignored that obvious sign training was needed and exciled the cats (there are two left) to the basement the dogs get the rest of the house. People are so stupid. I know this is only going to get worse the husky and spaniel are maybe a year old still puppy's wait till they have three dogs trying to take over the house.

9258 Photo said...

Well 1st off why are people walking through their property. I had that problem with invisible fencing so I put up a physical fence.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Don't wish a poor cat on these ignorant owners. Cats have feelings too.

Your blog is very interesting. I'm just starting to think about fostering rescue dogs. Hopefully the foster homes don't run into the tough decisions you face daily.