Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 are coming.

Well JRT's are falling from the sky all of a sudden. Good news though 1 that I got an email about on Friday that was going to get EU'd but I couldn't get to because I was going away for the weekend did find a home!

However, while I was gone I got a TON of emails about dogs in need. Actually two more emails sitting in my inbox right now that I have to read about urgent JRT's. YIKES!

So, I am supposed to be getting 4 off transport on Thursday. Honestly my fingers are crossed that at least 1 gets adopted straight from the shelter... all of them would be nice but hey I am not pushing my luck. LOL!!

I am also supposed to get two from the West part of Ohio this week too. Just trying to figure out transport.

I also was told about 3 other dogs that need out ASAP but I just can't save them all, ya know. Even though I totally want to. I have been emailing everyone I know trying to find another rescue to take them. If worse comes to worse you know I am not going to let anything happen to them.... they will end up at my house and I will be crying... LOL!!

This year has been rough. Adoptions are down, people wanting to give up their dogs are up and the pounds are FULL of strays. Seriously I have been doing this for 5 years and I don't remember it EVER being this bad. I did get a small break were there weren't any JRT's in shelters so at least I have been able to get some into foster homes and get a few adopted but getting 6 more in...YIKES

I have 6 JRT's now, 1 doxie mix and my 100# Great Pyrenees and soon to be 6 more JRT's. LOL!

Here are the pictures of the new kids that I am getting this week.

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