Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adoption event today

Well today I had an adoption event. It was pretty busy but not a lot of takers. One of my dogs Freya got a home. Not sure what she was just a mix but cute and sweet and just a great dog! Hopefully some of the people that took my card and wanted to think about will send in an application.

I got a new dog today from Stark County pound. Tressel, a cute little broken coat JRT. I know Tressel what a name... thanks to Sarah N. who rescued him today.. LOL!! Hopefully this little guy was worth all the trouble he caused. Sarah adopted two dogs from me Jagger and Scarlet (aka Violet when I had her) she helps get dogs from shelters from time to time. She was suppose to meet up with Valerie. Valerie also adopted a dog from me, Fred (aka Bob when he was with me). Poor Valerie got cut off on the highway and crashed her car. I tried calling her but got her voice mail so hopefully she is ok. Sarah said she talked to Val and Val said she is ok but I am still worried.

Anways, poor Sarah had to drive all the way to me at Pet Smart at Great Northern to bring me th dog. I was there today from 11 - 4 so I was totally stuck. Sarah had to cancel her hair appointment and everything. I feel horrible. I told Tressel he owes her so he better be a good boy and get a great home. he just looked at me funny... LOL!!

So, that was today's adventure.

Nothing too much else has gone on this week. I did pull a dog from Lorain County Dog Pound on Thursday. Some kind of big shep mix. I named him Trooper. He was supposed to be put down last Tuesday but asked the warden not to, there was just something about it. I was really hoping he would get adopted because he is a very nice boy but I think he was too depressed in the pound and wasn't eating very well. he was pretty sick looking. He is already looking better now that I wormed him and I have food in front of him 24 / 7. I am taking him and Tressel on Tuesday to get neutered.

Well here is to hoping that more dogs find their way to safety and loving families.

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