Tuesday, June 3, 2008

just another day

Well not a lot is going on. Things are slow. Adoptions are down but the dogs keep coming in. As of this morning I had 20 dogs in total in my rescue... 13 living at my house, Kirsten (foster home) has two, Christie (in Dayton) has 3, Lisa (foster home) still has poor little Turner and my brother is fostering one... I think that is it... I can't remember.. LOL!!

Good news though. Ralphie was adopted today by this wonderful family.. I am so excited!!! And another lady who I just think is great came over and wants to adopt Trevor!! So, that is good.

I am supposed to be getting a dog named Buddy off transport on Thursday. There was a lady interested in him already but I am not sure if she still is :-( I hope so b/c I am not sure I have room for another long term er. Well I guess I just make the room right?

I am going to do an adoption event next week (14th). Fingers crossed it goes better then the last one!

I guess that is it for now. I am exhausted and just overwhelmed as usual with dogs so I am off to answer emails from people wanting me to take their dog because it.... pees in the house, chases the cat, fights with the other (2 female JRT's in one house.. duh!), moving, having a baby.... yes these are all real emails I have gotten in the last few days. UGH!

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Anonymous said...

I too am in love with JRT's. I hsve a 9year old male. (zack) I am in a living situation where it is not working out for him but because he is nine, if someone doesn't take him, I will most likely have to put him down. I would really like it if someone could take him temporarily until I figure out a way to change my situation. I would love to be able to move to a place that has a yard so that I can offer my services as a foster home.

But please, help me with Zack if you can. I am in Columbus, Ohio but I will travel anywhere in the midwest to get him settled. You can call me at 614-403-9182. My name is Linda