Sunday, June 22, 2008

The weekend is over........

Well the week went pretty good. I did get a new JRT in on Thursday. She was from Pike County Pound and was going to die. She is a nice little dog, very young and all JRT :)

Friday night my one foster home Suzie came and took 3 dogs and then I took Trooper to Sharon's. So, that only left Mora, Tressel, Deuce (the new dog), Rose and Dorothy at my house. So, really not too bad. I took care of everyone Friday and then Kirsten took care of them Saturday and then I got home early enough to take care of my kids. Can't believe how much I missed my dogs. LOL!!

I wasn't sure I would have cell service when I was camping but believe it or not I did. Poor Sharon who took Trooper called me on Friday night freaking out. Trooper got out of his pen at her house. UGH! So, he has been missing since Friday night. She did see him Saturday around 3 or 4pm. I went today and looked for him for 1.5 hours but all I found was wet doggie prints in the mud. I know he is living in her woods and we will get him back but just stinks and I feel bad for Sharon because she is so upset.

Seriously is leaving really worth it.. LOL!!

I got an email on Friday about a JRT in Carrollton County that was very urgent. I sent out a few emails but didn't hear anything back so I hoping someone pulled her or if she is still there that I can get her.

There is a JRT in Licking County that is urgent, there is another one near Cinci with tumors that I am trying to get and there are 3 in Shelby that I am waiting to see what the status is on them and there is another one.... shoot I forget where that one came from. Anyways, there are JRT's coming out of the wood work again.

Ya, know I wouldn't freak out so much if I was actually getting applications.

Well I will keep you updated on if Trooper shows back up and who all I get on transport this week. Hopefully I can get someone adopted and few more moved into a foster home so that I can have room. LOL!

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