Monday, June 16, 2008

It is a doggie dog world :-)

Well not too much is happening. A women I work with came over on Sunday and took home little Winnie for a trial :-) I emailed her today and she says so far so good. Winnie doesn't mind the cat but the cat is pretty upset the dog is around and she is doing good with listening and getting lots of play time with her daughter. Sounds like a good match!

I am stressing just a little as I have 4 days to find someone to watch my critters while I am camping this weekend. I need dog baby sitters in a bad way.... I have 3 foster homes that don't have a foster right now so if they each take one that would be awesome. The one foster home doesn't have any other dogs so sometimes they take two.. that would rock!

I have some pretty good dogs right now. It is amazing, I go through spells. I mean they are always nice dogs but some tend to run more then others when they get loose. The ones I have right now really aren't interested in leaving me. That is a good sign of loyal easy to train dogs.

So, adoptions are still super slow. I talked to a lady I know in NY and she said things are bad there too. UGH! Too many Innocent dogs die because people are such jerks! I really hope people start to wake up and some of these dream laws of mandatory spay/ neuter come into affect. Hey a girl can dream can't she?

Well to all of those people out there whose dogs are spayed and neutered and who got their dog from a shelter, rescue, etc. THANKS!

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