Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not a bad weekend

Well things in the dog rescue world are slow.... well slow for adoptions, everyone is complaining of that but as far as people dumping dogs / stray dogs at the pounds that has almost picked up. I was at the pound on Thursday and a man comes in with his OLD, I mean VERY old dog (pure breed) and just dumps him there. I wanted to scream and yell at him, I didn't but I wish I would have. When I went to the pound on Saturday that poor dog looked horrible just laying there in the heat... the pound doesn't have AC for the dogs.

Well Thursday Jake (the dog warden) gave me a list of dogs that had just been at the pound too long and with the way things were going as far as strays and people dumping he need them out or else! So, I sent out a plea and was able to get 6 of the 8 dogs out of the pound before close of business on Saturday. I have been unable to sleep about the 2 I had to leave behind and hope that Jake spared their lives this morning but if Sunday and Monday were as busy with strays as the last week then I am guessing those 2 dogs have moved on to a better place where no one can hurt them any more.

On the bright side 6 dogs that would have died this morning are safe and sound either with a family or in foster care. There was one little guy that would have NEVER been adopted and would have for sure been killed this morning if I didn't get him out of there. He was so scared he did nothing but hide in the corner of his small kennel and shake. The rescue that took him has him in a foster home and says he is doing great. Runs up to you and gives you a million kisses!!

Sunday was a pretty good day too. Skipper my Cattle dog that I have had since Jan finally got the dream home I wanted for her. She is living in Carroll County on a Cattle farm :-) YAY!!! I am so excited and the guy who adopted her and his girlfriend couldn't be nicer people!

Jumping Johnny a litter 11 month old JRT got adopted on Sunday too. He is now living with a husband and wife and a BIG brother. The wife is a vet who is going to school at OSU to become a specialist and the BIG BROTHER is a Bull Mastiff. He is HUGE! Johnny didn't care. He licked him and then stood under him for shade... LOL!! Pretty funny!

Oh and Trevor will be adopted on Friday. His parents are renaming him Johnny Boy :-) The boyfriend REALLY liked Jumping Johnny but Johnny was WAY TOO much of a JRT... LOL!! Trevor is much more laid back and chill, although he must be adjusting well to living at my house because he has been a little spit fire the last few days... too funny!!!

Thursday transport is just around the corner and looks like I am off the hook this week. No, JRT's that I know of that need me. That is a good thing b/c I am not sure where I would put them.. LOL!! I am having an adoption event on Saturday so here is to hoping that I can get a few more dogs a home... even just 2 so I can have some room... maybe even a break... I wonder what that would be like.. a break! LOL!!

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