Thursday, November 17, 2011

Because I care

I am not sure why people get into dog rescue... or really animal rescue in general. I got into it because I felt it was a good cause and I could do something good in this world. Make a mark, make an impression so that some day when I am no longer here at least a memory of me doing something good might be in someone's mind. I don't know maybe it just is me but I feel like we have a purpose in this world and instead of just getting up everyday, going to work, making money and buying STUFF you should really do something, do something to make this world better. Now to some people that could be your job but for me it isn't so I volunteer to help save those who can't speak to for themselves and take the brunt of abuse from asshole humans.

Maybe I am a bit over the top in the fact I think it is very important for me to check in every once in a while to see how the dogs I have placed are doing. I took them from hell and want to make sure they don't ever have to go back to living in hell.

This year has well been a very disappointing year. I had a foster home give away one of my dogs without my knowledge and the people they gave it to are acting like complete a-holes. All I asked for was a piece of paper to be signed and to send me an update once a year.....Man oh Man I am one horrible controlling bitch! Shame on me. So instead I am now in a drawn out legal battle with them.... why? Because they decided to sue me... I am so horrible for caring. To hell I will go!

Then I have a lady LIE, bold face LIE TO ME when I noticed one of my dogs at my county pound. Not until I told her I would be going to pick up the dog did she tell me the truth.... ok well her version of the truth... I am not believing her story of how the dog ended up there.

NOW I find out that someone who adopted from me who I have been trying to get a hold of ALL FREAKING YEAR! Gave the dog to the APL. I have never been so sick to my stomach...ok, yes I have been when I found out about the foster home giving my dog away and the lady was so nasty about it.

Now I am on the hunt to see if I can locate her. Not to get her back but just to known she is ok. I seriously am going to be devastated if the APL put her down b/c of her age.

I feel like such a failure. And I also wonder why the APL didn't ask where they got her from.... I always do and if they tell me a shelter or a rescue I tell them to contact them first... I figured this was standard practice but maybe not. In NO WAY am I blaming the APL just wondering why they don't ask and if they do ask wondering what the jerk said.

UGH! I really don't like dishonest people....... I seem to be running into a lot of them lately.


English Rider said...

Truly a thankless task, except for knowing the difference you make to each dog who crosses your path. (What is APL?)

I just heard about San Francisco art commission holding a meeting to decide if they will cancel their contract (1.4 million)with an artist who's early works include shooting a dog he'd acquired at the pound and showing the video as performance art.
A lot of people think the artist should be forgiven as he was young (25) and it will cost the city it's $300,000 deposit to cancel. I can't get my head around that at all. He should be shunned forever more. Too late to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

You are a saint to the hundreds of dogs you have saved and please never forget that. As animal lovers I sometime feel we (or maybe I should say I) put too much pressure on ourselves to make up for the lack of responsibility others have taken. We see these animals as helpless creatures who just want to be loved and we do our best to make sure each an everyone of them is loved. But sometimes we forget we are outnumbered, greatly. In times of uncertainty, remember all the dogs you HAVE helped and think about where they would be without you!