Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Give me a break

What the heck is going on? I checked the news paper today and there a about a dozen ads under pet section... besides my two ads for adoption events and one free cat they are all PUPPPIES FOR SALE.


I don't understand how people can think one litter or hell breeding AT ALL (unless you are a LEGITIMATE show breeder.. but then those don't advertise in papers).

The shelters are FULL and I mean FULL FULL FULL. I gaurente that this year the number of dogs euthanized for space has increases. It has to have had. Shelters that barely euthanized anything last year are putting dogs to sleep 10, 20, 30, 40 at a time just because they can't keep up with the number of strays they are picking up daily.

It is honestly overwhelming. I feel like no one is listening though. Like it has been said so many times that no one is listening any more.

I have great ideas like bill boards or those political signs that say "adopt don't shop" but geez I don't have the time or the money to get any of that stuff in place because I am too busy do stuff with dogs. I feel like it is a vicious circle. You got to save the dogs from dieing so you go the shelter spend all your money and time on that dog so you don't have time to educate and promote adoption so then people buy instead of rescue and then you are getting their adult dog out of the shelter when it gets pregnant and the circle continues.

The foster mom of the mom dog who just had puppies and I were talking. Can you believe she had 9 girls. Do you know what that means if the dog warden wouldn't have picked her up and we wouldn't have taken her in, there could be 9 more female large breed dogs out there make more puppies!!!!

So by this summer they would have their first heat and potentially could end up having 10 puppies each that is 90 more dogs in this world by the end of the summer. Scary thoughts.... don't ya think? And that is just one stray mom dog... think of how many are out there!

I have received 5 requests to take in a pregnant mom dog since we took in our current mom dog and I am just one little tiny Ohio rescue and the 5 dogs were all from Ohio.... think of how many more are out there!

Makes you want to throw up, doesn't it? Sure makes me want to.

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