Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stop making excuses

Sometimes when I get a phone call or an email from an adopter wanting to return a dog, I want to say to them STOP BEING LAZY AND STOP MAKING UP EXCUSES.

I know sounds mean but it is so frustrating sometimes. I know from the tone in their voice and the way they are talking they are stressed out. Trust me I GET IT! But don't take it out on the dog. I really honestly believe that people get stressed out and just want to get rid of anything they think is causing them stress (hence why people get a new job!! I am a recruiter so I know this for a fact... your job stresses you out, you start looking for a new one). People get it in their head, the dog is causing stress so they have to get rid of it. You can't quit your job at this very moment, you can't give back the new baby you just had, you can't tell your son/daughter that their new sport where they have a million practices and just as many games is to much and they have to quit, you can't make the sick person in your family get well ASAP, you can't bring back the person that was close to you that passed back, so what can you do to help get rid of some stress... THE DOG! You have to walk it, feed it, it 100% relies on you for everything... get rid of the dog and everything will be better.

UGH! Whatever.

Then you have the people who have a dog with an issue, 9 times out of 1o an issue they caused or didn't have in rescue and they just want to give the dog back because they don't want to deal with it. REALLY??

9 times out of 10 it is an easy fix ASSUMING YOU AREN'T LAZY. But there lies the problem they are lazy hence the dog now has this issue... whatever that issue may be.

Then I have these AMAZING families. These absolutely truly amazing people who take in these dogs, love them NO MATTER what... I have crazy Tucker who personally I loved but I knew he wasn't going to be a dog for everyone. I told the family that was interested in him how hyper he was and I even purposefully didn't give him any exercise the day they were coming to meet him so they could see him at his worse. THEY LOVED HIM and to this day still do. I have bad dog Eddie (one from a few years ago) who was just a bad dog.... hyper, didn't listen, escape artist. The people that adopted him, LOVE HIM. I have Bo who we just adopted who apparently has separation anxiety so bad that he has really messed up the families house. The dad absolutely refuses to give up and is going to work with a trainer. I have Sparkle, Dillon, Kirby and a few other dogs who had to have an expensive surgery due to an injury and although expensive the families were willing to work it out so the dog could be happy, healthy and pain free. AMAZING PEOPLE!

Too bad I can't tell the lazy and/or stressed out people to buck up. Oh well, I have to take the dog back with a smile on my face and try to dance around the fact that I really think they are being ridiculous.

And to be fair. I have had people return a dog for legitimate reasons. Trying not to paint everyone with the same brush (as they say). I have had people return dogs and I 100% understood why... but that is rare. very rare. LOL

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The Old Dogs said...

Well said, but the amazing people always do make up for the others in my opinion. Thank god for them!