Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puppies up for adoption

The puppies that were born 3 weeks ago are up for adoption and we are accepting applications. The emails I get from some people just make me roll my eyes. I get questions asking if they have to be fixed before they are adopted...UM YEA THEY DO!

I get asked if they like cats, if the get a long with other dogs... they are 3 week old puppies, they have NO idea what they like or don't like LOL! Right now sure they are great with other dogs and cats and honestly it is all in how you raise them.

My favorite question was "Are you set on the price?" I get this question ALL THE TIME. My response is simply

The puppies ADOPTION fee is $200 which barely covers their food, shots, worming and spay. If you can find a way for all of this to be done for less then $200 please let me know so I can take advantage so I can lower their adoption fee.

I really think that people believe rescue means free. Like rescues and rescue people have endless money, endless resources, endless time... reality check people WE ARE REGULAR PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU... we have families, jobs, our own pets, our own responsibilities. The only difference between you and me is I choose to help those who can't help themselves!

Can you believe I actually had someone want one of the puppies to breed with their male. I was taken a back that I gave a lecture of why breeding should NOT be done for any reason unless you are world champion show dog. What I should have said is, I will find you a female who is pregnant and give her to you and you can foster the mom and puppies. once the puppies are all adopted out, let me know if you still want to breed! I can GUARANTEE you the answer will be NO. It is a lot of work to take care of a mom and puppies.

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