Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I guess it is my problem.

That is what someone said to me today. "I guess it is my problem" They said that because I wouldn't take 8 feral cats that have been living in her garage.

Listen lady I am sorry, I don't take in cats and honestly the reason it is your problem it because people don't spay/neuter. I feel bad I really do but not sure what you want me to do.

She asked me if I knew of any cat rescues and I said the only cat rescue I know is full to the gills. They have like 80 feral cats. Her response is "Can I have their number? These ferals can go live there."

OMG! That wasn't why I said that... I said that b/c they have A LOT and can't take any more. Now granted I doubt it is 80 but still. Who the hell does she think takes care of these 80 cats I exaggerated about? HELLO! you can't handle 8 but you think some person who has 80 could handle more?

What do people think that we rescue folks have endless amounts of money to help pay our bills and we wake up every morning to 100 animals living in our home and go frolic in the daisies with the warm sun on our faces?

Um NO! Reality check we work, we have families, we have car issues, we have struggles making bills, we get tired, we get sick, we get stressed, we are um JUST LIKE YOU!


Allison at Novice Life said...

People are seriously idiots.

Jackie said...

Amen, sister.

Jack Russell Rescue OWII said...

Love it. Thank you for making my day.