Friday, November 11, 2011

Newly adopted dog runs of burglar

A southwest Ohio couple who adopted a Saint Bernard to save him say he saved their home from burglary a few hours later.

Rubert "Lee" Littler says he was taking Hercules outside Wednesday night when the 135-pound dog started growling, then charged after a man running out of their basement. The dog bit into the man's ankle as he climbed a fence and got away. Police say the home's phone and cable lines had been cut.

Lee and Elizabeth Littler brought the dog home from Highland County's pound less than seven hours earlier. The dog had been found, bloody and dehydrated, by hikers on Oct. 31.

The Littlers tell The Times-Gazette of Hillsboro ( they wanted to keep him from being euthanized but now figure he's earned a permanent home.

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Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

I once brought in a Saint Bernard mix as a rescue. Not knowing Saints, while we were out front in the yard, I noticed she quietly put herself between me and a pair of young men walking along the road, chatting. They offered no threat and apparently M. was making sure they did not. I later learned this is a protective behavior common to Saints - she had been with me less than 2 hours. Great story - I just hope to God no one now accuses the dog of being "aggressively dangerous" since she bit the burglar....