Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vicious Pit Bull ;-)

This is Freedom a Pit Bull rescued on December 22, 2011 by the Cleveland Police Department from a home suspected of dog fighting. Freedom was one of 27 dogs who got a chance at a life just 3 days before Christmas. On January 6, 2012 Freedom, Blossom and Cleveland were taken by me out of the Cleveland City Kennel which has to be one of the most depressing shelters I have ever been in. Cleveland is currently in a foster to adopt home, I am keeping Freedom and Blossom is in a foster home waiting for her forever home.

This picture was taken today by a friend of mine that works at American Greetings. Freedom LOVES the puppies and plays with them all the time. During the photo shoot while I was holding one of the puppies Freedom decided to sit on my lap. I scooped up the other puppies and sat them on Freedom's back. The love Freedom so much that they just hung out on him.

Excuse me but Pit Bull vicious... I think not!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


My day today started with me letting foster dogs out and feeding horses at a little before 9am. Then had to run to get my truck from the mechanic shop where I had to have my rear window wiper motor replaced for the 2nd time.. grrrr.. Plus an oil change and tires rotated.

Then ran home to load up Scout my husband's dog, Hobbes my JRT and my Pit Bull Freedom AND Hatchi a dog that I was watching for a rescue friend. I had to drop Hatchi off at her house b/c he was getting adopted and then off to an agility class. Scout and Hobbes were in the agility class and Freedom was there to see the boarding facility b/c I am going to board him there while I am on vacation.

My husband and I stopped for a quick bite to eat and then rushed home b/c I had appointments starting at 3:00.

By the time I got home there was a family already there waiting for me. Then another family showed up about 15 minutes later. Oh and when I got home everyone who has a horse at my house was pretty much there working / visiting with their horse.

Then I had another family come at 4pm to see the JRT puppies, then another family for the boxer puppies at 5 and then donations dropped off around 6. And Courtney, another girl who has a horse at my house who I am helping her work her horse showed up about 5ish too. So I was helping her while showing people puppies.

I also helped my husband do stalls, cleaned kitty litter, cleaned dog cages.... I then had to put away donations and clean up storage area and and and and.....

today was non stop all freaking day started on my feet at 8:30am and didn't stop till 9pm.

long day and tomorrow is the same.

Friday, February 24, 2012

JRT Puppies still looking for homes

3 of the 4 puppies. Boy - Boy - GirlGirl still needing a home - Boy in the back is adopted.
Girl - adopted
Boy still needs a home
Boy - Adopted

Penelope pictures in her foster home!

She is healing SLOWLY but healing!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow storm and adoption day

Despite the total WHITE OUT condition our adoption event went really really well. One the sheriff's deputies brought his mom to the event to get a dog. His mom is older and lives alone. She lost her dog in November and missed having a "lab buddy"

Then a nice couple from Wellington (normally 20 minutes away) made the trip to adopted Nemo. They saw his picture online and just fell in love him. I hope the guy doesn't think I am rude. He called the store at the beginning of the day and we were SWAMPED! There were people there waiting for us to set up. It was crazy busy and seriously we had a white out snow storm this morning. I thought it was going to be DEAD!!

We had a pre approved application that drove in the snow storm from Highland Heights (normally about 45 minutes away). It took the poor lady almost 2 hours. She said her son asked her "mom are you sure this is worth it" when they were in the car. lol She was so excited to adopt Ray and I think Ray Ray just loved her. She was a super nice lady.

A nice couple was very interested in Yeager but they have 4 cats and I can't promise Yeager is good with cats. They wanted to try him on an over night stay and see how things go with that cats. So we will see tomorrow, they are supposed to call me in the morning and let me know either way. I hope it works, they were nice people. Paws crossed on this one.

Then we had one very strange person complete an application. His entire application was a lie... address, phone number, information about Landlord, dog / vet information.. UGH! THANK YOU JESUS that when I FINALLY got his Landlord's correct phone number he said they couldn't have a dog. I don't want to be mean but I wasn't liking the application at all... well b/c the entire application was a lie and the guy was well not someone I would want to adopt a dog to.

Oh and then get this I got a message from someone today through facebook that said
"Well Thanks for not remembering who I am! There are so many other rescues I can help and donote money too! Have a nice day!!!"

HUH??? Ok, this isn't a person I have ever met and she apparently sent me a message back on Jan 28th that I never saw.. my only guess is b/c I didn't write back she is upset but I honestly have no idea.

It has happened to me before where all of a sudden a message pops up on my fb page that is old and for some reason I didn't see it before. HAHAHA what is even more funny is a girl who interned at my work last summer just sent me a message today that said she was sorry for just messaging me back, I had sent her a message about a week ago and for some reason she didn't see it until just today. hahahaha SO I know I am not the only one...

Seriously though who sends a message like the one I received to someone... I am so taken aback.
What is even more crazy is the women has my phone number, call me if you needed something.

I almost emailed the person back saying "I am so sorry that I haven't responded to a message that I never saw. I probably didn't see it bc I have been working some crazy hours at work. I do work a full time job that is nearly 50 hours a week but since I resigned and I am changing companies I have been putting in even longer hours. AND my 2 elderly parent live with me, my dad is in poor health and my mother came down with shingles at the end of Jan so been kind of worried about her. PLUS with the Pits we rescued I have been very busy working with them, PLUS taking in Penelope last week and dealing with all the other emergencies with the rescue lately. I also have a full working farm complete with 9 horses, 2 rescue goats, 2 rescue donkeys, 6 rescue cats and my 2 dozen chickens. So I am very sorry that I have been so busy that I didn't notice your fb message to me asking me to call you if I needed anything. "

But I refrained from being a biiiiii.... and instead emailed her back "HUH? I am so confused. not remembering you? what are you talking about?"

To be honest someone that unstable I would rather not be around. WOW!

Must say I am SUPER SUPER lucky that the people who volunteer for my group are FREAKING AWESOME!! I love being around them and they are totally helpful and have come up with some awesome ideas. My one friend said the rescue she is involved in the women all fight and gossip about each other. WOW am I lucky b/c we totally don't have that.... Thank you God for surrounding me with some awesome people!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Penelope and Bait dogs

Well I have good news and bad news but hey it is rescue so that is pretty much every day!

Penelope is doing much better now that she has had her surgery. I promise I will get pictures as soon as I can. I have been so busy with dog stuff after work and at work doing work stuff. Work is crazy right now, I got a new job so I am leaving my current company. It is hard to leave but got to move on and grow. 6.5 years is a pretty long time at one company I think!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the stones they took out of tiny little Miss P.

Check out this picture. I left my fingers in there so you could understand size. Looks like gravel from a drive doesn't it.

Now on to some horrible news. The 27 bait dogs of which we rescued 3 have all tested positive for an illness that is basically a parasite in the blood. UGH! It is REALLY hard to treat and every expensive. :-( To learn more about it check out

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Penelope UPDATE

She had her surgery yesterday. The vet said that a lot of her skin issues are OLD and most of the black that you can see is scaring. She is going to be put on medication for the next 30 days to help clear up her skin BUT she is going to have a lot of scaring and missing hair :-(

Her ears were cleaned out and those are looking better already.

Bladder stones were removed, there were 5 large ones about the size of a golf ball when put together! The vet said they have been there for a long time. He doesn't think they will come back, sometimes it can be chronic but doesn't think that is the case here. Looks like it is from poor diet.

She wasn't spayed so that happened too. The GOOD NEWS is she has never had puppies and the vet thinks that she is young... 3 maybe 4.

Her abscessed tooth did blow on Sunday, by Monday it was pretty gross. Of course that was taken care of too. The vet said her mouth was really bad. They took out 5 teeth and cleaned up all the rest. She has a nice looking set of teeth now :-)

Her face and neck were so swollen from the infection in her mouth that she now looks different. Almost skinny.. .isn't that horrible. ugh!

She is stayed the night at the vet office. I felt better with her staying there over night. I will pick her up today.

Now what she needs is A LOT of TLC, medication and a place to recover.
I will try to get some pictures up of her soon.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today I went to the dog pound and took out a little girl who while at the vet office she was named Penelope.

Penelope has to have surgery on Tuesday to remove MAJOR bladder stones, have her ears cleaned, have a dental and remove a tooth that is abscessing and is about to blow a hole under her eye (you can see the lump in the close up face picture below) and she will be spayed, assuming she isn't.

She has a yeast infection ALL OVER her body. She is hot to the touch and smells so bad. She has been like this for YEARS and is missing hair around her neck and on her back that will NEVER grow back.

How the hell do people allow animals to get like this? Please pray we can get her through this and she finds a home quickly. Her surgery is going to be pricey and anyone wanting to donate to her surgery please call the vet 440-458-4291 and ask to make a payment towards Penelope's surgery. We are a non profit and your donation can be taken off your taxes!

Friday, February 3, 2012

3 need me...

It is the hardest thing in the world when you know that there are dogs that need help and no one will or can help. It might be a burden on me to take them but what choice do I have.... they will DIE!


I sometimes wonder what goes through the minds of the dogs, what is it like to be a dog and be "thrown away" Doesn't anyone think about that?

They rely on us stupid humans for everything and we treat them like trash. Ignore them, Hurt them, starve them and 99% of the time they come back to us for more wagging their tail happy to see us.

What type of person does it take to hurt an animal? And I mean seriously hurt an animal?

I so wish I could build my kennel. I just need the land....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paws Crossed

Things have been slow when it comes to adoption but we did get two good applications for the two dogs we took in last week. They were left in a house after the owner moved out. Apparently the owner was a hoarder.. not of animals but of stuff. I guess there were 3 cats in there too.

January has been nothing but one emergency after another. Between the rescued bait dogs, the emergency vet visit, Roxy's surgery, the emergency take in of the boxer mom and puppies... just been crazy.

Hoping that things start to get better as far as emergencies slowing down and adoptions picking up.

The pounds are full, I can't even look any more b/c I can't help.

There is an emergency at my local pound that I will take in on Saturday.. .I REALLY shouldn't be taking anything in. I have to get our numbers down so I can go on vacation. UGH! it is so hard to say no when you know that no means DEATH.